Is 22 over the top?!?

The nice thing abt having company is that you get to visit with friends and family on a more intimate scale. Another nice thing abt having company is that it forces you to clean your house! While I didn't get to all that I wanted, I got the majority done. Besides, anybody who knows me knows that I promise a clean bed and bathroom. Everything else is up for grabs. I don't include the kitchen since it may start out clean, but doesn't stay that way for long.

We had my mil out this wknd and the kids were thrilled. We don't get to see the IO's parents that often so when we do, it's a treat. They have become official *snow birds* and live abt 2 hours south of us. Unfortunately my fil couldnt come with my mil, he hasn't been feeling well, so we hope to go down to visit before they go back up north. And if Baby Girl had it her way, we'd be going down today!

We didn't do a whole lot, my mil just wanted to hang with us and the kids, but Baby Girl wanted to take her strawberry picking. Because we had those bad freezing spells a couple of weeks ago, there weren't as many strawberries to pick, but we did pretty well.

The great thing abt this place is that they have a small playground for the kids and also a hay ride around the property. That's always a big hit. It was also the popular spot of the day since we saw two of Baby Girl's friends and one of #1 Son's.

We also had some yummy strawberry shortcake for dessert. I didn't get a picture of the actual dessert (it was eaten too quickly), but I did get a picture of the preparation.

The bad thing abt having company? It does throw off our schedule. I'm exhausted today and did't do much of anything. Thankfully the house is still in good shape, and I did do a load of laundry, but I REALLY need to go grocery shopping. And I have a ton of tv to catch up on. I watched most of my Thursday line up (Ugly Betty, Grey's then Private Practice), I just have one more to watch (Burn Notice - LOVE this show!). That's not including the Monks and Psychs and Desperate Housewives that need to be seen. Not to mention all the knitting that didn't get done! I finally picked up an Odd Ball blanket for Warm Woolies and boy did it feel good to knit again!

And if you all were wondering what the number 22 refers to in my title (ok maybe only SOME of you were), its the number of books we checked out of the library today. I went with the rugrats after school and since it's been a while from our last visit, we went a bit crazy. Now I just need to remember to return them before they are overdue. I tend to forget that all important detail!


Anonymous said…
It sounds to me like you all had a wonderful weekend together, and strawberry shortcake for dessert??? My goodness lady, we don't pick strawberries around here until JUNE!!! hahaha

Have fun with your knitting now, and I hope everyone enjoys all their new reads too. :)
Jane said…
Wow, looks like summer there! Here in California, we had 18" of snow last night (and a lot of rain, too. Very weird weather.) I'll be glad to get home where it's a lot closer to Spring.m
Anonymous said…
Glad you had a good visit with MIL. The strawberries look delicious!
Vivian said…
I love looking at old pictures, well, new ones too, but old ones stir up so many memories. Funny how we might not like the pictures at the time, 20 years later they are all good!

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