The mojo is back!

Back in September I cast on for a pair of socks. FIVE MONTHS LATER I cast off. And here they are!

I've never had a pair of socks take me so long to finish! And I finally have something to post for Sock-A-Month KAL 7.

Here are the details:

Paca Peds #601 Singin the Blues - 20% superfine alpaca, 65% superwash wool, 15% nylon
Sock #1: 9/19 thru 11/8/08 7 weeks
Sock #2: 11/16 thru 2/7/09 10.5 weeks
60 stitches on 2.5mm dpns
3x1 rib for 4"
stst for 1" before heel

This is my typical vanilla pattern.

While the mojo is in full swing, I pulled out some Kroy sock yarn

and cast a pair of socks for Baby Girl.

Even when I encounter mojo killing obstacles

causing me to rip out and cast on again,

I take it in stride.

I'm really enjoying the changing of the colors so I should make good progress on this sock today. Could I possibly finish another pair of socks in the month of February?!?!

We'll see.

Remember, I have *helpers*!


stitcherw said…
Love the socks, of course they are in my favorite color so that makes them even cooler. :)
The pair you're just starting looks like they will be a fun color too. So sorry to hear the hat went missing earlier. I hope you found it or it was at the Dr.s office and you could go pick it up. Glad to hear Hemi's doing well, his poor shaved behind looks so pitiful. Hopefully you are all over the bug you all had earlier. Seems like a lot of people have been having cold/flu/or a combination lately.
KSee said…
glad to see you have them done. I've never ever used double points. I'm making my pair of dispair using 24" size 2 magic loop
The Kroy sock yarn is such pretty colors. And your helpers are so cute!
aksunflour said…
yeah! for the mojo being back. mine is to. now to get the blogging mojo back. that maybe awhile though. Glad to see warmer temps are in store for you. We are still having rather chilly morns. -10 F.

lovely sock colors.
Vivian said…
Yes you can! I find sock knitting go in spurs, sometimes it takes me months to finish a pair, and other times less than a week. Good luck!
Brigitte said…
Awww, what a sweet picture of Baby Girl and Baby Kitty! *smooch*

So, how do you like the Kroy? Apart from the nasty knot. I bought some not too long ago.

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