Not much progress. Not much at all.

I haven't had a whole lot of time to devote to my projects lately, so I've been trying to take moments here and there to knit. Unfortunately I seem to be moving in reverse.

Remember this guy?

It is now this.

I was knitting on this during Baby Girl's ballet class and after a couple of inches I'm realizing that I'm off by one stitch in the pattern. Granted I haven't worked on this scarf in awhile, but the pattern is easy, K2 Ktbl P1. The Harlot's One Row Scarf pattern. As I try to figure out what I did (it was correct on one side, but wrong on the other), I realized that an end stitch was either dropped or knit together because instead of having 30 stitches, I had 29.


Since I wasn't loving the project anymore and it was causing more grief than relief, out it came. The yarn will go back in the closet to marinate. I have 4 balls of the stuff (Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk) so it will probably end up a scarf (maybe even with the same pattern), but not right now.

What does that leave me with? Not a whole lot. Here is Baby Girl's 2nd sock.

Moving fast on this one! I really need to cast on later today while it's light and I'm awake so that when it's night time and I'm half asleep, I don't have to think much abt it.

I only have 2 projects on the needles right now and they are both for charity. This one is the latest Odd Ball Blanket for Warm Woolies.

It's called Chocolate Indulgence. I mixed a deep red with a brown and it reminds me of chocolate covered cherries. Plus I'm using a basket weave pattern which reminds me of those little grids in candy boxes.

The last one is a kitty blanket for the shelter.

I got some cheap bulky yarn from a clearance bin in WalMart and it's knitting up fast.

Last week I met with my stitching group, but I was really tired that day and did more socializing than stitching. I worked on Too Pooped (how appropriate for the day!), but really didn't get much done. Can you tell what I did?


I'm hoping to work on some things this wknd, but it's turning into another busy one. A close friend's dad passed away last wknd and this is the wknd of the visiting family and the funeral. I'm helping her out as much as possible because she is the sibling that everybody looks to. That can be exhausting, especially when she is trying to deal with her own grief. I'm already putting myself on a schedule because while I'm going to be busy, I need to be sure to take time for myself which will include some knitting and/or stitching. I think I need to redirect my Pogo playing time as well. Lately I've been obsessed with Canasta.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you need more stitching time for sure .....

Maybe we need to make once a month turn into once a week. LOL
SusieH said…
Love the tasty-sounding pet blankie. What about a lacy pattern for the scarf? That yarn looks like it would be perfect for Branching Out (check out for the pattern, which is a couple of years old...)
Anonymous said…
I can see that the cat has a bit more "butt" now, so you did get something accomplished. We all have weeks like this where it seems we don't get very far ahead. But maybe you needed the "break" for some reason or other.

Keep well :)
stitcherw said…
Your poor scarf, it was looking so pretty. Oh well, better to have stopped now than kept going, still not liked it due to the mistake, and then had even more to pull out. Your two blankets look to be coming along great, those are such fun restful projects. Nice progress on Too Pooped as well. While it may not look like a whole lot, with all the color changes it takes more time than other projects.

Loved your write up on the cameras, my camera history seems to mirror yours pretty closely. One of these days I really need to do something with all the pictures I have hidden away in drawers.

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