Saturday Sun

This is much better!

It's fun to watch the news and hear the newscasters complain to the weatherman, why is it so cold?!!? Poor guy! They need a blog so they can complain to their readers!! Weatherspeak should calm down a bit now, at least until June 1st when we start hurricane season.

Health update: Rugrats are doing better. How do I know? I had to stop a wrestling match! Me, I'm nasally but winning. The IO, not sure yet. He doesn't usually get sick so when he does, I get worried. He can quickly go into pneumonia so we are keeping an eye on him. I've also added him to my schedule of meds. If I don't dose him like I do the kids, he'll never remember to take anything.

Knit update: I'm abt 2" from decreasing my sock!! WOOHOO!! I looked back and saw that I started these socks back in SEPTEMBER!! It's never taken me this long to work on a pair of socks. The next pair will be for Baby Girl, a pair of Kroys that she picked out from Michaels. She's also been helping me with the kitty blanket. Whatever it takes to keep her interested.


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