There's Something about a Photo Album

Back when I was growing up, you took pictures of special occasions, vacations, and the occasional school function. I have the first day of school picture

and the pictures they take in school for each grade. My aunt had a camera that I wanted to borrow for a school field trip once, but she said no, even though my mother would be there. When I turned 11, my mom got me a camera for another school field trip. It was a Kodak Pocket camera with the flash bar (remember those?!?) She saw in me a budding photographer.

I LOVED taking pictures. I took pictures of our cats

and dog.

I took pictures of our vacations

and since I was the only one with a regular camera, I became the designated picture taker of the family.

As soon as the 110 film was full, we'd take it to Eckerd's to be developed. I HATED having to wait a week!! But when we got them back, I would go thru them while at the counter and give back the bad shots (Eckerd's would *buy back* the bad prints, plus they gave you duplicates for free). I was in heaven when they started One Day and then one HOUR developing.

When the IO and I got engaged, I bought a Canon Sure Shot that had an automatic flash (no more running out of flash bars!) and used 35mm film. Oh I was big time now! That camera served me well and it was only after it was dropped 5 times that we finally had to replace it.

Those replacements sat in the drawer once the IO got a free digital camera with the purchase of a computer. It took me awhile, but once I was hooked, it was all over.

I now have a Canon Power Shot that I really love. I LOVE the fact that I can take a million shots to get that one perfect one. I love the fact that I don't have to buy film anymore (even though I DO go thru batteries more than I'd like). Because of this I take a TON more pictures. I don't just take the first day of Kindergarten of my kids

but instead I take a picture the first day and then the last day of each grade, with a bunch in between (you all can attest to that!) I can take pictures of works in progress or the latest stash acquisition. I'd never do that with film that needed to be developed.

One thing I miss from my 35mm is the action shots. My camera doesn't have SLR and action shots are blurry. What else do I miss? Actual printed pictures. Yes I know that I can have them printed out by a ton of different places. I can crop and adjust and print them out in the comfort of my own home. I just don't. Once I download them to the computer, I save them in folders by date. If something special happened, I make sure it's labeled (like when I have school functions or vacations). It's all saved on the computer with a backup in case my computer crashes.

Which is nice. But there is something to be said abt sitting down with the family or by yourself and looking thru an old album. We've been doing that lately and I have to say, I'm sorry I haven't done it much with the kids. I have physical albums up until #1 Son started school. THEN I started to *scrapbook*. Big mistake. Instead of having albums that we can look thru, I have bags waiting to be put into scrapbooks. Occasionally they'll ask to look thru the bags. I always say yes, but require they only take one bag out at a time and then put it all back when they are done. I think since I take SO many more pictures, it's harder to keep up, but I need to try.

How else will we be able to look back and wonder

when did we get so old?!?


Anonymous said…
What a pleasant post. I thoroughly enjoyed that. You were adorable on your first day of school. You even carried a purse!! I didn't have on of those until 7th grade......haha. And that photo of you and the IO is just too wonderful. Yes, photo albums truly are little treasures and time capsules in a way. Without them I would not have been able to gather all those memories of Lew and I for my tribute video. Scrapbooking was too tedious for me.

Thank you so much for sharing that with us. :)
Anonymous said…
Woo-woo------Look at those nails. I can see why you fell in love with IO --- You make an adorable couple!

Love the dress on the first day of school. I could SO see Little Girlie wearing something just like that.
Wendy said…
What a nice stroll down memory lane, those are wonderful pictures.
Thanks for visiting my blog, if you do search for "stupid sock creatures" you'll find the book we were using.
KSee said…
how wonderful to see the pictures from days gone by. You & IO look like babies!
Your 1st days of school pic is so cute. Those were the days when yo got dressed to go to school.

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