Week in Review

While the kids are doing better, they apparently passed on whatever they had to the IO. In fact we spent Tuesday AM sitting in the ER making sure he didn't have pneumonia! Thankfully he only has a bad case of bronchitis. And all that waiting time resulted in this!

One sock done in 5 days flat!!! I plan on casting on for the 2nd one tomorrow.

Tonight #1 Son and I will be at the mall while Baby Girl and the IO will be at the Father/Daughter Dance. Poor IO, he still feels like crap, but is sucking it up for his daughter's sake. I'll post pics of their big date tomorrow.

What else has happened this week? The passing of time. One minute your baby girl looks like this

then she looks like this!

Those big front teeth are on their way!!!!

and as a side note, wonder how many people today are being named Jason......


SusieH said…
Awwwww - beautiful girlie. The sock's pretty cute, too. Love that coloring.
Anonymous said…
Looks like the tooth fairy will be making a visit.
Barb said…
When Ana lost her two front teeth, I didn't take enough pictures of her snaggle-toothed self. I was all set to do that with Jane and then she lost hers so far apart that she never HAD the BIG gap they have when they've lost both. If your girl loses both, promise me you'll take dozens and dozens of pictures!
stitcherw said…
Congrats on finishing the sock, although sorry to hear that it was because you spent the time in ER and such. I was hoping that by this time your household would have gotten rid of the bug. Hope he was able to feel at least a little better to be able to enjoy the dance more. This age flies by so quickly, she's growing up so fast.
Life's a Stitch said…
I love that toothless look.

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