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Weekend Update

So I'm sitting in front of the computer thinking (and typing) a post for today's blog, but I can't seem to get my thoughts together in a logical manner. I think part of it may be because the IO has the news on and keeps yelling out to me "Did you hear that?", and the rugrats keep running around the house playing pianos and guitars and recorders. While I'm happy they're not sitting in front of the TV, it is a lot noisier. I've since closed the door to the office, but the train of thought is still disjointed. I think I will just show pictures instead.

What my Saturday sky looked like.

What I got from JoAnn's on Saturday.

The Kroy was on sale and I've never seen this colorway before.

And this was new to me sock yarn so I just had to try some.

I didn't even know Deborah Norville liked to knit, let alone have her own line of yarn! I really like the colorway, too. It was only $3.75/skein and I used my 40% off coupons as well. The 50% coupons…

Friday Finish

They are finally done!!

These took me much longer to finish up than expected.

Here are the stats:

Yarn used: Paton's Kroy socks Mulberry Stripes
Sock #1: 2/8 - 2/13/09
Sock #2: 3/1 - 3/26/09
56sts using size 2 dpns
2x2 rib for 4"
2.1oz/99.6yds used

Mindless socks on size 2 needles and it still took a span of almost 2 months to do. However now that they are done, I cast on for not one but two different pairs of socks, one for me with the MMMMMMalabrigo yarn and a pair for #1 Son in the Kroy yarn he picked out.

I'm also making headway with Ariel. She is SO close to being finished. I almost have all the stitching done, then I need to do the backstitching. The outer borders will be mindless, I'll just have to pay attention when I work on her face and hands.

If you give a pig a party

Everybody has a great time!!!

We went to the Orlando Children's Theatre where the book If You Give a Pig a Party was made into a musical play. I think this was one of the best field trips I've ever been on!!! While I am partial to plays, as a chaperone, you are kept busy making sure everybody stays with the group, but when everybody is in the theatre, you can usually relax and enjoy the show. We've done this two other times, but this time it was a great show that didn't have anything sad in it or weird looking scary costumes. Everybody had a great time.

Well ALMOST everybody

I had brought my knitting to do on the bus, and I didn't want to leave it while we were in the theatre. Baby Girl brought it out to show one of the parents the sock I was making her and then other kids came around, one of them saying he can *sew*. His grandmother *sews* and can he *sew* on my sock. I said I'd rather he didn't but he could look at it. So he's holding it and l…

In a nutshell

My last post was Wednesday. Since then I have written a second post on Wednesday and a daily post since. However they have only been in my mind and since they have YET to invent a computer to read my thoughts (THANK GOD!), nothing got written down or posted. So here are the Cliff Notes version of the past few days.


Took the rugrats after school to get more books from the library. #1 Son already has 2 he's reading so he finished homework while Baby Girl picked out a few books to bring home.

Do you think she has enough? She's already read half of them. You can see that I got a couple as well. Why, I don't know. I checked out three this time, I think I checked out 3 or 4 last week and I have 2 books that are MIA in my bedroom. I know which ones they are and I'm sure they are in the middle of the pile of stuff I need to go thru on the dresser, but I haven't gone thru it all yet. The library is ready to fine me for the books, not just the overdue fees…

Only and Already

As I was writing out checks yesterday, it occurred to me that it was 3/17. MARCH 17! How is it already March? Wasn't I just in the Keys? Actually no I wasn't. And when I think at that trip, it does feel like a long time ago. But it doesn't feel like it should be almost April either.

However it is only March and yet I already feel the end of the school year starting to ramp up. We are squeezing in the last of the field trips (check), scheduling band performances (another check) and practicing for ballet performances (more checks). Plus one more book fair (don't have to write that check for another month), one more family picnic day, a mother/son event and a couple more things that I can't remember at the moment (I should just give them the entire check book). All I know is that my calendar is filling up FAST! Plus I'm getting more work from my p/t job so things are getting pretty busy. I am anticipating needing a vacation come June.

One thing that I…

Sunday Sigh

Is it really the end of the wknd already?? I need one more day. I didn't get anything accomplished this wknd at all! The IO says that's what a wknd is for, but I didn't get anything *fun* done either. I never folded the laundry (which has been slept on all wknd by either Princess or Hemi), I never went grocery shopping. I never did get to watch any movies. When the kids went to go play tennis, I decided I would just lay down a bit. THREE HOURS LATER I woke up. Now some would love this. Me, not so much. I don't wake up well from naps. While I wasn't tired anymore, I still had no energy. So I spent time on line playing Canasta on and reading blogs.

As I sit here I'm trying to think of what I actually did. This was one thing.

Now before you all go and think I've lost my mind and got a 5th cat, I am cat sitting for a friend while they are attending their niece's wedding (on the 15th? The Ides of March! Why does nobody else know what …

More Random Thinking

You know its early when this is still out

and the sun is not. I was planning on taking a picture of the sunrise, but the closer I got to school, the thicker the fog got until it looked like this.

It was so early that the sun hadn't had a chance to burn off the extra fog. And yet it wasn't early, it was normal time. Here is one last gripe abt DST until Nov 1st when we *fall back*.

Today is much better. It's not even noon yet and we're already here.

The IO is taking the kids to play tennis which means quiet time for ME! I need to get the clean clothes off the floor

(Hemi isn't the only one who enjoys fresh laundry) and put away, but then I plan on getting out a project and getting something done. Maybe even pop in a movie. I've had the latest Indiana Jones movie that really needs to go back to Netflix so that could be the winner.

And here is Hemi 2 months later. You can see the discrepancies of his hair, crew cut vs shag cut, but it's looking much better.

At least I…

Mid Week Update

I've had a couple of finishes here that I haven't posted yet. First up is the Warm Woolies Odd Ball Blanket, this one is called Chocolate Indulgence.

Here are the stats:

Date Start: 2/14/09
Date End: 3/8/09
LionBrand Wool Ease Mink Brown #127 & TLC Burgundy (I think, there was no ball band)
double stranded
4.8oz/315yd yarn used

Each portion will be 8" long and in my portion I used a basketweave pattern. The colors remind me of chocolate covered cherries and the pattern looks like the plastic sectional part of a box of chocolates (who else thinks of Forest Gump when you hear "a box of chocolates"?!?) It will be sent out for the next person to work on.

Next I whipped out a couple of hats last week.

Hat #1

Date start: 3/3/09
Date end: 3/5/09
Moda Dea Sassy Stripes #6952
I used size 8 needles, cast on 88sts, ribbed for 2" then stst for a total of 8" before decreases.
1.36oz/127yds yarn used

Hat #2

Date start and end: 3/7/09
Moda Dea Sassy Stripes #6948 Polo
Again I used…

DST rant! and other randomness

Ok it's that time of year to hear my rant abt the change in time. Why do they do it? WHY?!?!? Yes I've heard all the *reasons* why, but quite honestly I think they are antiquated. We don't need to have an extra hour in the day to plow or harvest the fields. The power we save at night to keep the lights off is counter balanced by the fact that it's DARK when I wake up now and need to put the lights on to wake up and see what I'm doing. I want them to pick a time and LEAVE IT ALONE!!! Can you tell I hate this?? Esp when I lose an hour. I don't have enough time in the day normally, but to take an hour away?!?! Plus I am *off* (more than usual) for abt a week. Ok, rant over. For now. We will revisit this topic in the fall (when we fall back). (at least then I get my hour back)


For those of you who commented on the auto parts missing from the car, it was the starter. It's been a hit or miss with it so the I…


Should I be worried?!?

Saturday Sky

We are now back to our regularly scheduled weather.

Yesterday I went to the annual local quilt show and I took a TON of pictures. Once I go thru them, I'll be posting them here for my annual virtual quilt show. Stay tuned.........

Staying warm Hemi style

Warm clothes fresh out of the dryer.

Tucked into a flannel quilt.

In a box filled with wool.

A warm sunbeam.

Get out of here Lucy!

This beam is MINE!