DST rant! and other randomness

Ok it's that time of year to hear my rant abt the change in time. Why do they do it? WHY?!?!? Yes I've heard all the *reasons* why, but quite honestly I think they are antiquated. We don't need to have an extra hour in the day to plow or harvest the fields. The power we save at night to keep the lights off is counter balanced by the fact that it's DARK when I wake up now and need to put the lights on to wake up and see what I'm doing. I want them to pick a time and LEAVE IT ALONE!!! Can you tell I hate this?? Esp when I lose an hour. I don't have enough time in the day normally, but to take an hour away?!?! Plus I am *off* (more than usual) for abt a week. Ok, rant over. For now. We will revisit this topic in the fall (when we fall back). (at least then I get my hour back)


For those of you who commented on the auto parts missing from the car, it was the starter. It's been a hit or miss with it so the IO took it apart, cleaned it up (it looked pretty gunky), put it back in (with no extra parts!) and it now works! It may only buy us a little bit of time, but I'll take what I can get. The other van needs new tires, an alignment and an oil change so that starter needs to hang in there a bit longer.


Apparently we have gone from winter to summer with very little spring in between. It is abt 83 right now and we are expecting highs of 85 later in the week. While I'm thrilled not to have those 20s and 30s at night, it would have been nice to have some of that low 50s/low 70s a little longer than a couple of days. Yes apparently there is no pleasing me weatherwise.

(remember, this is day 1 of DST and I'm a bit cranky)


I AM pleased to announce that I have finished 2 hats and the WW Odd Ball blanket over the wknd. Even with a killer sinus headache. I have no pictures yet, and I have not gone thru my quilt show pictures either. Soon.

Meanwhile, I will not leave you picture-less.

This is pre-surgery when he still had fur.


SusieH said…
My sympathy...we get a couple more weeks before we have to set the clocks ahead. It's the weekend of the 28th in the UK.
Sandie Knapp said…
And I wait impatiently for DST. But I would not mind it if they just moved the clock ahead 30 minutes and then left it there year round forever. I do like the longer, brighter evenings. In the summer, that is when I get most of my weeding done. After the sun goes down and it's cooler. Mornings I'm not functioning yet! haha :)

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