If you give a pig a party

Everybody has a great time!!!

We went to the Orlando Children's Theatre where the book If You Give a Pig a Party was made into a musical play. I think this was one of the best field trips I've ever been on!!! While I am partial to plays, as a chaperone, you are kept busy making sure everybody stays with the group, but when everybody is in the theatre, you can usually relax and enjoy the show. We've done this two other times, but this time it was a great show that didn't have anything sad in it or weird looking scary costumes. Everybody had a great time.

Well ALMOST everybody

I had brought my knitting to do on the bus, and I didn't want to leave it while we were in the theatre. Baby Girl brought it out to show one of the parents the sock I was making her and then other kids came around, one of them saying he can *sew*. His grandmother *sews* and can he *sew* on my sock. I said I'd rather he didn't but he could look at it. So he's holding it and looking at it and using one of the needles to pretend to knit around the cuff. I'm watching him out of the corner of my eye because I don't want him to pull any of the stitches out around the cuff. Finally it's time to head into the theatre and as he hands it back to me, I'm realizing that I only gave him the working sock, NOT the extra needle. The needle he was using was one he pulled off live stitches to pretend to knit.

(insert deep breath here)

I had no time to fix it so in the bag it went. I thought abt fixing it when we were on the bus, but I was too tired to fuss with tiny loose stitches. I fixed it last night and I'm happy to say that all stitches were present and accounted for and abt an inch further down on the sock. I only have abt 2 inches left before the decreases for the toe so they should be done soon.

Ariel got 2 more strands of floss in her so that's moving along as well. I'm really determined to finish both by the wknd because there are two new projects that are waiting in the wings, a pair of malabrigo socks for me and a cute freebie kitty cross stitch. Also for me.

Updated or finished projects should soon be photographed......


Anonymous said…
Arggh, glad you were able to get the "live" stitches picked back up.
SusieH said…
Whew - lucky escape!!!

Sounds like a mighty nice field trip, too. Kids are on break here in 10 days, and I am thinking about taking them to a local production of Oliver! with another mom-friend and her crew.
Vivian said…
Yikes! Small boys need to stay away from knitting! Glad you were able to fix the sock. My son used to pull needles out of my knitting too, and then worse, chew on the bamboo needles.
Jacki said…
Ah yes, enclosed spaces...my best field trip so far was on a train!!!
Ahhh! You handled the situation very well. At least the kid had an appreciation for the needle arts.

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