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My last post was Wednesday. Since then I have written a second post on Wednesday and a daily post since. However they have only been in my mind and since they have YET to invent a computer to read my thoughts (THANK GOD!), nothing got written down or posted. So here are the Cliff Notes version of the past few days.


Took the rugrats after school to get more books from the library. #1 Son already has 2 he's reading so he finished homework while Baby Girl picked out a few books to bring home.

Do you think she has enough? She's already read half of them. You can see that I got a couple as well. Why, I don't know. I checked out three this time, I think I checked out 3 or 4 last week and I have 2 books that are MIA in my bedroom. I know which ones they are and I'm sure they are in the middle of the pile of stuff I need to go thru on the dresser, but I haven't gone thru it all yet. The library is ready to fine me for the books, not just the overdue fees.

You can also see the progress of Baby Girl's sock. I'm on the gusset and if I just worked on it, I could get it done. I hope to do more on Tues during ballet.


Stitching Day!! I swear if it wasn't for stitching day I'd get no stitching done at all. I worked on Ariel and I'm getting close to finishing her off. I made a border around her body so that Baby Girl could work on it if she wanted. Meanwhile I'm working on the blue border. Here are my before and after pics.


Look what I finished up this morning.

I baked them last night (at around 10:30pm. I never felt more like a mom! Just call me June**) and frosted them this morning. They are for two classes, one of which Baby Girl is in, so I needed to make 36/3doz/aLOT. I dropped them off when the IO and I came to hear #1 Son's speech. He had a class project where every kid had to get up in front of the room and give a 2-3 minute speech.

#1 Son did a great job (even though he DID leave his speech at home and didn't tell anybody until we showed up. The IO ran home while the other kids gave theirs. He got back just before the last kid gave his) and we were really proud of him!

That afternoon I decided to visit my LYS. They are moving and having a 35% off sale on all their yarn. I just HAD to go! Here are the goods.

Not as much as I planned. I was hoping to pick up enough yarn to make a sweater for me, but I couldnt find the right yarn. Well I sort of did, but it was the pricey Noro stuff and even at 35% off, it's still a pretty penny. I'm still debating it, I don't have a really nice sweater for me and since it would be like a dressy jacket, I could justify the price of the yarn. Maybe.

Sky and temps...

And apparently my entire family would prefer to live in trees.

We also decided to invest in another one of these.

Our other one broke a couple of years back and we never replaced it. Today made us realize we waited WAY too long. The bonus? The IO bought and cooked the entire dinner!

Ok so this wasn't exactly the cliff note version, but it brought you up to date!!! I've been spending the day trying to go thru the piles in the bedroom, but I always make the mistake of starting on the side of the room with the basket of projects. I didn't really work on anything, but I organized my patterns into projects I want to start. With a 35% sale, I want to see what projects I can get yarn for now. I may be posting some new projects very soon. I'm getting sick of the ones I have.......

**Mrs. Cleaver is you have no idea who my reference is.


Anonymous said…
Sorry there wasn't much at the sale. Soooo, where is she going?

I didn't realize you got that much stitched during stitch day. You made a lot of progress.

Me? Not so much, but I did get the ornament done that night.
SusieH said…
Great pics!! No. 1 Son is getting SO big :) He looks like a young man...
KSee said…
That is what I need to do is clift notes, lol. At least I posted one started 3/2. Sounds like your busy and the kids and IO are doing well. Oh, sales should be outlawed Grat additions to your stash.
stitcherw said…
I get behind in my reading and you have all kinds of excitement. Crazy people running around with knives, helicoptors circling and police driving by, Baby Girl losing her front teeth, space shuttles launching (the color trail is beautiful), new grills, and your family making like Swiss Family Robinson climing trees (it's been ages since I watched that movie). On top of that you've been to a yarn sale, restocked library books,and tons of other running around. However, you did get me back for my delinquency, I'm now having a major munchie attack after seeing all your very yummy looking cupcakes. Sounds like you're all having fun as well as being quite busy. Looking forward to seeing what project you start next, and seeing a little more of Ariel's face get done, she's just a tad creepy looking now without eyes and such LOL.
Anonymous said…
Wow, a very busy week, but it looks like a lot of progress of one sort or another was made. :)
aksunflour said…
i love your new grill. for us that is a major appliance (would rather have a grill than even a dishwasher!)

had to LOL about Earth Day. I plumb forgot. it was a little exciting here that night. Redoubt was a little bit more active than usual.

and new yarn is so nice. WTG!

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