More Random Thinking

You know its early when this is still out

and the sun is not. I was planning on taking a picture of the sunrise, but the closer I got to school, the thicker the fog got until it looked like this.

It was so early that the sun hadn't had a chance to burn off the extra fog. And yet it wasn't early, it was normal time. Here is one last gripe abt DST until Nov 1st when we *fall back*.

Today is much better. It's not even noon yet and we're already here.

The IO is taking the kids to play tennis which means quiet time for ME! I need to get the clean clothes off the floor

(Hemi isn't the only one who enjoys fresh laundry) and put away, but then I plan on getting out a project and getting something done. Maybe even pop in a movie. I've had the latest Indiana Jones movie that really needs to go back to Netflix so that could be the winner.

And here is Hemi 2 months later. You can see the discrepancies of his hair, crew cut vs shag cut, but it's looking much better.

At least I'm getting my striping back!


Anonymous said…
Hooray, a ME day! Aren't they wonderful? As a single Mom I definitely appreciated them when I lucked upon one. LOL

Hemi looks good. Soon you won't be able to see that anything happened in the first place. :)
stitcherw said…
Hemi is looking much better, the poor shaved skin is starting to fill in. Hope you get some lovely stitching time in. The Indiana movies (especially Last Crusade with Sean Connery) along with Harry Potter and the LOTR series are some of my favorites to stitch to.

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