Now THAT'S more like it!!!!**

**don't hate me because I'm warm.......


Jennifer said…
Awwww. That's looks so nice. I wish that were my forecast. Instead it's in the teens but today's supposed to start warming up and hopefully it will melt our snow. It was fun to have a snowstorm, though.
SusieH said…
DEFINITELY what you're supposed to have - strange weather y'all have had this winter.

Loved the snowman progress pics yesterday - he's practically done, to my eye!
WOW - I can't wait for summer!
KSee said…
I Hate You!! LOL
Sandie Knapp said…
I don't hate you because when I am enjoying the nice warm weather you are now, you will be sweating up a storm because it's too humid and too hot...........LOL

I'm happy you are happy. :)
I'm hoping our weather here in Atlanta will start looking something like that soon.
Vivian said…
Don't hate YOU, just hate our own rainy soggy weather, actually can't hate that either cause we really really need the rain. Seeing the sun occasionally would be nice too.

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