Ok I know March is supposed to come in like a lion, but it's REALLY making a fuss this year!!! Many of you were getting spring buds, warmer temps so you didn't have to bundle up QUITE as much, then WHAMO!!!! Everybody's buried under lots of snow. Not so great for you all, but I have to admit, I enjoy looking at the pictures on everybody's blogs. When we found out it snowed in Atlanta, the IO said its too bad it was Sunday night instead of Friday night or we could have driven up to see it.

However, even if it had snowed Friday night, we still couldnt have gone up. I finally stopped yesterday after a jam packed 3 days of cooking, organizing and helping out for my friend's dad's funeral. It all went off w/o a hitch, esp considering her brother who is in jail was able to get a release for the funeral. Apparently this NEVER happens, but it just goes to show you it's who you know. Their uncle knows the warden and favors were exchanged. Regardless, the family was thrilled to have him out (if for only a little bit) and the deputies were very nice as well. They all dressed in civilian clothes and the only shackles were the ones on his ankles. Very discreet and didn't take away from the services. I made sure to thank them for their kindness and patience.

On the way home from the services Saturday, the bank temp said it was 86, even though I don't think it was quite that warm. When we got home I made sure to take a picture of the setting sky.

Sunday morning I woke up to this.

The only word to describe it was blustery. And while it cleared up as the day and the front wore on, it stayed cold and WINDY! This AM it was in the 40s with wind chills in the 30s, and it won't feel any warmer than the 50s later today. So the kids were bundled up, including Baby Girl with her hat. I'm so glad I made it for her; she loves it and wears it any chance she can. I really need to make a few things to keep on hand for cold days. We don't get them that often, but when we do, you are HAPPY to have that scarf or hat to keep warm. I need to make a few things for myself for next year.

Since it was such a busy and emotional wknd I never got out of my jammies on Sunday, and today isn't looking much better. I DID start Baby Girl's 2nd sock and wound some Malabrigo yarn into cake. I would have cast on for another sock if it wasn't so late. Maybe today. Or maybe I'll just work on Baby Girl's sock to get it done by the wknd.

When the temps will be back into the 80s.


Susan said…
I can make you feel better about your weather. Check out my sister's blog for a report from our neck of the woods.

Frankly, the thought of driving somewhere to see snow makes me a little unbalanced.
Vivian said…
It's amazes me how much the tempreture flutuates in your area. 40s is pretty cold! especially for people used the 80s.
Anonymous said…
Lucky you. Right now I would dance if it was 40º outside, windy or not. It is 17º here now, and it never saw 20º all day. At 7AM it wa around 10º and the wind was really singing it blew so hard. I have no idea what the wind chill must have been. But nicer at the end of the week, so I'm being patient. The Red Winged Blackbirds are here and singing to me every morning. I'm happy with that. :)

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