Starts and Finishes

February wasn't a very productive month. The only thing finished were socks. Since I'm keeping track of my monthly stash use on Ravelry, I got to post a whopping 237yds/2.3oz used !! Not great, but not bad either. I'm always happy with a complete project. The thing I'm most impressed with, though, is I had no new acquisitions! In fact I haven't bought any yarn since my anniversary. Technically that's TWO months of no new yarn! I'm not on a yarn diet, but lately nothing has been really calling out to me. I have so many yarns in my stash that I want to use and it seems the yarns that catch my eye are the ones I already own. We'll see how long this lasts.........

What else have I been working on? Well in between loads of laundry I worked on my Snowman. The last picture I posted was back in Jan and I didn't realize how much I accomplished on him.


The cold weather definitely gives me incentive to work on him. Not sure how much longer he'll be coming out to play, may need to put him in hibernation soon or he'll start to melt.

I also finished up Kitty Blanket #1

Baby Girl wanted to work on Ariel, but I don't have a block of color set aside for her to work on so instead I suggested the blanket. She's gotten really good at knitting and did a complete row (that's 60 stitches). Once she was done, I kept at it. Here are the stats:

Kitty Blanket #1
Bernat Black Lites Purple Power #82320
100% acrylic
4 skeins used, 240yds/14oz
Date Start: 1/31/09
Date End: 3/2/09
Total Project Time: Abt 1 month
60 sts on size 11 needle
straight knitting
Finished size: 23"x19"

I think I'm going to wash this one before I put it in the shelter pile. It is shedding alot of fibers and I want to get rid of the excess before some animal eats it. I like the bulkiness of it, but I won't buy this yarn again. Not happy with all the shedding.

I had a choice of working on either Baby Girl's sock or the Odd Ball Blanket so I decided to cast on for another charity project. Warm Woolies is having another contest this year, 10 for 10 (10 projects for 10 y/os and older) and one of the girls on Ravelry is having a Mystery Sweater KAL that I decided to join. I have a lot of charity wool I want to use up and this seemed like the perfect project. I'm only on row 5 so there isn't much to look at yet.

It's been nice to be able to work on some of my projects, I've really missed the rhythm of stitching and knitting and while I won't be doing as much today, I am DEFINITELY going to make the time for it.

Hope everybody is staying warm and safe. While it's cold for us today, we have relief in sight. I'm not so certain for the rest of you.


Anonymous said…
You've been a busy stitcher!

The projects are looking good.
Glad you're doing the Mystery KAL. Hopefully you will like how it knits up. I'm really enjoying it :)
Anonymous said…
You've done quite a lot on the snowman. Good for you. The kitty will love the blankie, shedding or not, I'm sure. :)
KSee said…
Ah, I see the finish line comeing up for the snowman.
The kitty blanket will be appreciated by a lost kitty.

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