Sunday Sigh

Is it really the end of the wknd already?? I need one more day. I didn't get anything accomplished this wknd at all! The IO says that's what a wknd is for, but I didn't get anything *fun* done either. I never folded the laundry (which has been slept on all wknd by either Princess or Hemi), I never went grocery shopping. I never did get to watch any movies. When the kids went to go play tennis, I decided I would just lay down a bit. THREE HOURS LATER I woke up. Now some would love this. Me, not so much. I don't wake up well from naps. While I wasn't tired anymore, I still had no energy. So I spent time on line playing Canasta on and reading blogs.

As I sit here I'm trying to think of what I actually did. This was one thing.

Now before you all go and think I've lost my mind and got a 5th cat, I am cat sitting for a friend while they are attending their niece's wedding (on the 15th? The Ides of March! Why does nobody else know what this is?!?! And why am I the only one that seems to remember this from high school?). Her name is Tabitha and is such a sweet cat. I go one more time tomorrow morning before they come home in the afternoon.

What else? We watched this take off.

As usual, click to get a better view.

This one is a close up of the shuttle (by the arrow) separating from the solid rocket boosters (circled)

And this was the trail of smoke left behind.

This is just so cool to watch. While I hope to get there in person for an actual launch, I am so glad I get this kind of view from my front yard.

I haven't posted one of these in awhile.

Not high but not low either. I guess it's all relative when you've paid $4 for gas in the past. Let's just hope it stays below $2 for awhile.

In between checking on the kitty and watching the shuttle, I decided to clean out the vans. As I'm pulling stuff out, I noticed a helicopter flying overhead and circle around. It did it again.

And again.


I'm looking to see if it's one of the local news stations, trying to remember if there was something special going on in town. Nothing that I could remember. Meanwhile it is still circling. Now I grew up in Miami and when a helicopter keeps circling like that, it's not good. Then I see a sheriff's car go by, the bloodhound unit. HUH?!?!? Now I high tail inside, get the kids in from the backyard and tell the IO to put the news on. SOMETHING is going on. Well apparently not enough to be newsworthy, so I call the sheriff's department and ask if I need to be worried. They said that somebody had an altercation with a family member and he ran out. The sheriff was helping out the county in trying to locate him.

Me: "I need to leave the house in abt 1/2 hour. Will it be ok or should I just stay put??"

Sheriff's office: "That's up to you ma'am."


I wait a bit, still hearing the helicopter and see ANOTHER sheriff's car heading in the opposite direction. Now I call the local police department. They tell me that they are looking for a missing person. When I ask if this person is dangerous they tell me that he is schizophrenic and when he left the house, he had a knife.**


When I asked if I should stay home I was again told it was up to me.


Well needless to say we never went anywhere. We were already late and then Baby Girl's tooth almost came out so we had that excitement as well. I'm assuming all is well since there are no more sheriff cars on my street or helicopters flying overhead. I left Miami to get away from this kind of crap and yet here I am....I swear suburbia is worse than the big city.

After all that excitement (the rugrats knew NOTHING abt any of it!) I vegged in front of the computer again. I did make dinner (spaghetti and homemade sauce), but here I am, in front of the computer yet again, blogging abt my day. While I enjoy the computer, I didn't get any stitching time in this wknd and that's what I missed the most. Who cares if there is some crazed maniac roaming the streets with a machette, I've got my circular needles to strangle him with! (God, I'm getting a bit psycho myself!)

And on THAT note, sweet dreams everyone!!

**Well it IS the Ides of March, maybe he was looking for Julius Caesar.


Anonymous said…
And I thank YOU for your wonderful sense of humor. Whether you got something done or not, you certainly put a smile or two or three on my face, and a chuckle in my heart. Better luck with your chores next weekend then. OK?

I will say, being able to see a shuttle taking off from your own back yard is amazing! :)
Life's a Stitch said…
What an amazing thing to see. the shuttle, and I guess the gas prices, too.

I'm partial to the Ides of March - my birthday :)
aksunflour said…
thank you once again for the nice warm blue sky and the shuttle take off.

as for gas prices would love to pay under $2.00. We are paying 2.57 pg and that is the cheap stuff.

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