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Pure Bliss

You know how there are people who can sleep practically anywhere? If Tiger were a person, she would be one of these. Where does she choose?

In a laundry basket full of papers and books.

In a guitar case.

Next to the VCR.

On top of the printer.

In a shoebox.

This is what you call a state of true contentment.

Blogging Material

There are a lot of blogs out there that post fantastic pictures. Especially the foodie blogs. Pictures SO clear and so perfect, you could practically reach in and take a bite.

Me? I'm not one of those blogs. Who would take a picture of brownies that look like this?!?

In my defense, I baked them in my oversized toaster oven. This oven takes too long to heat up for toast, but it seems to overcook everything else. I keep it because it was a gift from my sisters to get rid of my decrepid old one. I still have the old one, but keep the new one out on the counter.

Thankfully, once you scrapped off the burnt, top part and covered it with icecream, you'd never know it's original crispy beginnings....

Trying to catch up

As usual, I am running behind here at Happy Acres, especially this time of year. There are less than 6 weeks left of school and it's getting down to the wire. The rest of this week isn't too bad, but I have one week in the middle of May that, quite honestly, is just scary.

We did get one thing done, the thing that #1 Son has been looking forward to for the past year. He made the school's Honor Roll and as a reward, the school will send you to Sea World on an overnight trip. There are 5 places to stay and #1 Son chose to sleep with the dolphins. Needless to say, he had a BLAST. The IO took lots of pictures, but this is my favorite.

Nothin' like being covered in whale water!!

While the boys were riding roller coasters (#1 Son rode Kraken TWICE!), us girls had some fun ourselves!!! We went out to dinner and then to JoAnn's to get some fun craft items. No yarn was bought (SHOCKER!), but I did buy some fabric that Baby Girl fell in love with. The easy ones have …

Feeding the Addiction

When I was younger, I used to love stationery stores. All the cool cards. All the pretty paper. All the colorful pens. As computers became more prevalent, so did email. Which meant people wrote fewer and fewer letters. I fall into this category. I used to be a BIG TIME letter writer. My bottom dresser drawer used to house my stationery collection. I had anywhere between 5-10 different kinds of papers and note cards. Plus colored pens that matched. I kept track of who I wrote to, when, and what paper was used.

Yes, I was a stationery nerd.

My first collection was nail polish. I LOVED nail polish. All colors. Especially for my toes. Then came my stationery collection. As I got older, my collections shifted. I discovered cross stitch. As most of you know, part of a hobby is the collecting so of course I had to collect the floss and charts that I would eventually do. When we moved from NY to FLorida, that collection fit into ONE moving box. Eventually fabric joine…

I could use another week for MY stuff

The rugrats are back in school today and I'm enjoying the quiet. The hardest part abt this morning? Getting up 2 hours earlier than we have been. The best part? The quiet. Laundry is started, the house just needs a quick pick up, and a pot of joe will be started soon. There is no tv on, no questions being asked, no arguments to referee.

We are back to our regularly scheduled week. This is a good thing because I tend to get more done when they are at school. Grocery shopping gets done, house cleaning gets done, errands get done.

The rugrats are happy to be back too. The IO took them this AM and usually Baby Girl likes to be walked to class. However today she told the IO that since they were with us all week long, she just wanted to see her friends and she could walk herself. It was a nice way of saying, get lost! LOL

We ended up having a nice week. Went to the movies to see Hannah Montana, went bowling

(#1 Son bowled a 115 on his last game!)

went hiking

and while the IO …

There's hope for me yet!

Back in Oct (or July, I'm not sure anymore) we did a big shopping spree at JoAnn's. While there, they had their plant kits on sale. I've tried their herb kits before but I can never get them to grow. They did have a cat nip kit 50% off so I figured I'd try it. I took it out of the bag and put it on the counter.

And it sat.

For a really long time.

It got moved from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table to my bedroom dresser and back again. FINALLY I was going thru some stuff on the kitchen counter and came across the kit. I figured I'd might as well try it, just so I can get rid of the box. I planted it early Friday morning and figured I'd be lucky to get any sprouts considering a lot of the seeds were still exposed. Sunday morning the kids noticed this

WOW! I have taken a picture every day since.




I finally replanted it in a pot and put it on the front porch/stoop/slab of concrete by the front door. We'll see how long it lasts.

At least…

Monday Morning Updates

First of all, I am VERY happy we have started Spring Break. I really could use the time off. (I reserve the right to change this emotion on Sunday AFTER the kids have been home for a week).

So much to blog abt, so little time. Now that we are in Spring Break, I have to share computer time. I'm not thrilled with this. So what's been going on?

Memorial Celebrations

Saturday Sky and temps

Malbrigo sock

I am SO much quicker with socks on size 2dpns than on size 1.5dpns. BUT I am enjoying it immensely!! Malabrigo is lovely to work with. It's too bad it's as pricey as it is, I could see doing an entire sweater with it if there was no limit to the yarn budget.

Charity vest

This project......It WILL get done, just because I'm stubborn that way, but it has changed from a sweater with a pattern to a plain sweater to a plain vest. This sweater will fit a teenager when I'm done, which is good because there are very few charity donations this size. However it is taking…

Spring Concert Special

Here is your program

Please put your tickets here.

Reserved seating up front.

Starring Piano Man

Also starring Drummer Girl

Featuring a special duet by both artists

Thank you for coming!

Tuesday Afternoon

Hmmmm, again I've written abt 3 blog posts in my mind, and yet haven't sat down to post them. It's been a busy week and I'm really looking forward to spring break. We had field day last week and since the school is so crowded, they split the grades up. This is good because then I can walk with both kids w/o having to run back and forth between them, but bad because I'm there two days in a row. Saturday had us in Daytona all day so by the time Sunday rolled around I was TIRED!! I did nothing but stitch and knit. No laundry, no dishes, no nothing!

I started to regret this Sunday night when I got an email from my MIL saying she wanted to come for a visit on Tues. YIKES! The house was SO not company ready. Thankfully she called and said she was coming out on Friday instead. MUCH better. Now I can clean at a leisurely pace. She's not the white glove type so I don't have to worry abt a perfect house, but it would be nice to have a couch and a table free from junk …