Feeding the Addiction

When I was younger, I used to love stationery stores. All the cool cards. All the pretty paper. All the colorful pens. As computers became more prevalent, so did email. Which meant people wrote fewer and fewer letters. I fall into this category. I used to be a BIG TIME letter writer. My bottom dresser drawer used to house my stationery collection. I had anywhere between 5-10 different kinds of papers and note cards. Plus colored pens that matched. I kept track of who I wrote to, when, and what paper was used.

Yes, I was a stationery nerd.

My first collection was nail polish. I LOVED nail polish. All colors. Especially for my toes. Then came my stationery collection. As I got older, my collections shifted. I discovered cross stitch. As most of you know, part of a hobby is the collecting so of course I had to collect the floss and charts that I would eventually do. When we moved from NY to FLorida, that collection fit into ONE moving box. Eventually fabric joined the ranks of my hobby/collection (picture all the quilts and clothing I will eventually make!). Ah, and then knitting. Such pretty yarns started to live with us here among the stitching and the sewing.

This collection no longer fits inside one moving box. We will not discuss how many moving boxes we would need.

So, as you can see, I've had quite the collections over the years. Which one did I feed today?? Was it yarn? No. Even though my LYS *is* having a 35% off all yarns in the store (she is moving to a new location). Was it fabric? Not this time. I really want to use up some of my fabric before I buy anymore (not including the Ariel fabric Baby Girl wants me to get at JoAnn's tomorrow). Cross stitch??? Nope. Even though I did meet up with my stitching buddies today at Needle Orts.

I fed an old obsession.

I had to go into Office Depot for some printer ink and I like to browse the pen section. It's been a LONG time since I've seen a decent pen collection. Yes I've seen Michael's and Joann's and even some art stores, but those are specialty pens. Pens with a purpose. Calligraphy. Scrapbooking. Card making. Very few all purpose just-want-to-make-the-writing-pretty pens. Then I saw it. Sharpie had a display of their pens that looked like a rainbow. It literally took my breath away. So I bought a couple.

The picture doesn't do it justice. I wish I had my camera in the store to take a picture of their display, but you'll have to settle for what I bought instead. I got berry, blueberry and purple. I love these pens for writing on my wall calendar because they don't smear on the glossy paper. Then I saw these.

Arent they adorable??? I love the patterns on the body. Plus it looks like clear ink,

but when you write, it comes out the color of the patterns. I haven't opened the pack yet, I still like looking at the packaging.

Apparently I'm still a nerd. But a nerd who did REALLY well in the advertising field back in the day!

As I mentioned, I met up with my stitching friends at Needle Orts. I brought my Seasonal Spring to work on and got quite a bit done.


Gotta love those 1/2 stitches! They go so quickly! There is quite a bit of white done as well, but you really can't see it in the picture. Once I get more of the surrounding color around it, it will stick out more.

I was going to post my vest finish here, but I'll wait until tomorrow. Right (or write) now I have to go play with my pens.


Dee said…
I LOVE shopping at the office supply store.

One more thing we have in common ... I LOVE pens.

How was your "girls night out"?
SusieH said…
Pens, paper, books, I am so there...

That cross-stitch really made progress, or rather YOU did!
I'm an office supply junkie! I love different types of pens (though I lose them *all the time*) and paper clips and rubber bands and... I'm not a letter writer I just think that office supplies make me seem more official and organized. Therefore I can appreciate a good sharpie :)
KSee said…
OMG, I thought this was me writing this post! I love pens. Have you tried the retractable sharpie's? I use them at work all the time. Being involved in the printing industry the pens come in as an important tool for proofs etc.
robert said…
Nice post.!! When I was little I always wanted to play "office" with items from my Dad's actual office. I love office supplies..

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