Tuesday Afternoon

Hmmmm, again I've written abt 3 blog posts in my mind, and yet haven't sat down to post them. It's been a busy week and I'm really looking forward to spring break. We had field day last week and since the school is so crowded, they split the grades up. This is good because then I can walk with both kids w/o having to run back and forth between them, but bad because I'm there two days in a row. Saturday had us in Daytona all day so by the time Sunday rolled around I was TIRED!! I did nothing but stitch and knit. No laundry, no dishes, no nothing!

I started to regret this Sunday night when I got an email from my MIL saying she wanted to come for a visit on Tues. YIKES! The house was SO not company ready. Thankfully she called and said she was coming out on Friday instead. MUCH better. Now I can clean at a leisurely pace. She's not the white glove type so I don't have to worry abt a perfect house, but it would be nice to have a couch and a table free from junk so we can sit down and chat.

So what have I been working on in between the chaos? Well I have another finish!! In cross stitch no less!

It's a freebie from Stitchy Kitty and a quick stitch. I used my flax aida/linen blend fabric and I really like it! Easy enough to see like aida, yet a nice sheen from the linen. I wish Joann's carried more colors. This only took me 5 days. It was a nice break from the other projects going on. Not sure who will come out to play next.

No finishes in knitting, but I'm making some progress. First here is my charity blanket.

Normally these are a mindless knit for me, but the yarn is not sliding thru the needles easily so it tires my hands out pretty quick.

This is a charity sweater for Warm Woolies

It started out as one pattern, but has changed to a more mindless knit. I will finish this sweater, but I'm really not enjoying the largeness of it all. Plus I still have abt 2 inches before I need to start the chest and sleeves. I will need to change yarns which means I need to find something that will match AND have enough to finish. I may add a stripe where I am to separate the colors. Maybe navy or black. Gotta see what I have in the charity wool bag.

This is #1 Son's sock.

I'm using the Patons he picked out and I have to say, I'm really enjoying it! The colors are striping better than I was expecting and since Patons is a thick fingering weight, I can knit them using size 2 dpns. I plan on making the heels and toes black. Now I just need to find the black skein I know I have......

So there you have it. Weather has been weird for everybody lately, including us. This was our Saturday sky with people.

They are hard to see but easy to hear when they go by. Click on the photog to see larger. It was in the 80s on Saturday. It rained on Monday and the front that gave a lot of people snow brought cooler weather to us as well.

See? That is 56!! FIFTY SIX in April during the day. I'm not sure if we broke a record or not, but that is cold for us in April. Esp since we've had some really warm temps lately. And here is our rest-of-the-week.

Gotta love springtime in Florida.


Vivian said…
I knitted a few pairs of socks with contrasting colors for heels and toes, they look really cute, especially for kids. Good luck finding the yarn :-)
Anonymous said…
Sorry the cold weather slipped so far South, but Winter is trying to play spoil sport. It is only 35ยบ here, and that's our high for the day!!

I just wanted to say, I love the look of those socks you are knitting up. I can't wait to see them finished.

And.......I think the little kitty sign is a perfect match for your household! It's adorable!! :)
Anonymous said…
The little cross stitch project turned out very cute.
Um, YAH - I won't see 80's until July. Gosh, I'm really starting to get into the idea of moving to FL.
aksunflour said…
Bumpkins asks are they "jumpers"- like smoke jumpers?
brr you guys are cold!
good job on finishing yet another counted cross stitch. bravo!

and our backyard excitement has been downgraded to orange. but could get very interesting extremely fast- she is building a lava dome.
stitcherw said…
Sounds like you got a bit of the strange weather earlier this week that we had. We had a nasty snow storm on Monday, which created quite a mess. Nice progress on the blanket, sweater, and socks. Glad the Patons yarn is working nicely. I've seen that in the store but haven't tried it. Meow is so cute, fun finish.

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