I ain't no fool!

A couple of weeks ago I won a contest on Jane's blog. She was going on vacation and we had to guess where she was headed. She picked a winner from those who were right and a winner from those who were wrong. I was picked from the pile of losers, but a squishy envelope is a squishy envelope!! She emailed to tell me to expect the package soon, and that her kitties Mittens and Socks included a little something for me.


I got this in today's mail.

Wrapped lovingly before placed in the envelope.

This was from Socks and Mittens.

ROTFL!!!! Apparently they got a hold of the yarn before Jane could rescue it. OMG this is just TOO funny to me!! Only a cat person would recognize what had happened and appreciate the efforts of the kitties to add their own specialness to it.

This is from Jane.

I love my new yarn!

Thank you so much Jane, Mittens and Socks!!!!


Karen said…
The yarn from her kitties is just too funny!!! Congrats for being a winning loser. :)
Anonymous said…
You will LOVE knitting with that Opal yarn. It's so much fun and the socks wear like iron.

Congratulations on your win!
Bridget said…
That's great! Nothing like the "purr"-sonal touch ...
Anonymous said…
Absolutely precious!! I love your gift too, and so what if it takes a bit longer to get the "kinks" out, it is still lovely yarn. Congratulations :) I'm glad that you were the "loser." The winner won't have near as much fun.........LOL :)
Jennifer said…
OMG - that is TOO funny. : D
Too funny! It would take a cat person to be understanding, let alone appreciative, of a "gift" like that. Way to lose :)
KSee said…
Sandie said it all. What a great win.

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