I could use another week for MY stuff

The rugrats are back in school today and I'm enjoying the quiet. The hardest part abt this morning? Getting up 2 hours earlier than we have been. The best part? The quiet. Laundry is started, the house just needs a quick pick up, and a pot of joe will be started soon. There is no tv on, no questions being asked, no arguments to referee.

We are back to our regularly scheduled week. This is a good thing because I tend to get more done when they are at school. Grocery shopping gets done, house cleaning gets done, errands get done.

The rugrats are happy to be back too. The IO took them this AM and usually Baby Girl likes to be walked to class. However today she told the IO that since they were with us all week long, she just wanted to see her friends and she could walk herself. It was a nice way of saying, get lost! LOL

We ended up having a nice week. Went to the movies to see Hannah Montana, went bowling

(#1 Son bowled a 115 on his last game!)

went hiking

and while the IO took #1 Son to play tennis, I took Baby Girl to a local tea room with some friends for a fun tea party.

She had a great time!

Meanwhile all the projects I figured I could tackle weren't even touched. I've been going thru the ever present piles in my bedroom and I had hoped to work on #1 Son's quilt or maybe even work on a scrapbook or two. Nope. Not even pulled out. But I did finish up the charity vest last night! I still need to weave in the ends and block it, but it came out pretty decent. I'll be taking a pic of it later today.

Now it's time to start up Joe!


Anonymous said…
Awww...the girls look so sweet in their "lady hats".

Where is the tea room?
SusieH said…
Sounds like a great week with the kidoodles! How did BG like Hannah Montana? How about you? I took the kids on Friday - Lily's first intro to Hannah. She is now a HUGE fan, and thanks to a sale at the BX, owns a 4-episode DVD, that we have seen 3 times. In 3 days.
Bridget said…
Well it sounds like you had a great time, which is always nice when you are spending time with your kids.

The tea party idea is particularly a good one, I think.
Anonymous said…
A fun time for all, I see. Those kids are growing fast too! Pretty soon even you won't recognize them! hahaha :)
It always seems like the only people not happy to go back to school after break are the teachers. Lol

Can't wait to see how the vest came out!
Jane said…
Bowling! I love bowling. We used to go all the time, but it's been quite a while. Enjoy your quiet week.

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