It's done and I love it!

Back in July I started a project for Baby Girl, the Disney Princess Ariel. If you ask anybody in my stitch group, I was NOT enjoying the project. I was not enjoying the pattern or the colors in it, but Baby Girl still liked it over all this time so I was going to finish it one way or another. One of those ways was to recruit Baby Girl to stitch on it. Finally after 8 months it is FINISHED!!!!! To get the full effect, here is the last time I posted a picture of her.

This was after the stitching was done, but before the backstitching was started.

and here she is DONE!

I have to say, I'm really happy with the way she turned out. Esp her face. It could have gone either way, but thankfully it went WELL! I'm so happy I stuck with it because Baby Girl is thrilled and now that it's finished, I really like the way it turned out. She is washed and pressed and now I need to find the right frame for it. I really want to frame it and put it in her room.


Anonymous said…

Uh? You didn't like stitching Ariel? We never would have known!

Looks great! Kind of inspires me to pull out a cross stitch project that has been languishing in a back corner somewhere.
stitcherw said…
As always, it's been busy at your place. The musical sounds like a fun field trip. Sorry about the sock though, I'll bet having to pick up the dropped stitches from his "sewing" on it was extra frustrating since it was so unnecessary.

Your finished socks look great, what a fun color. You got lots of lovely new yarn too. I especially enjoyed the yarn you got from Socks and Mittens, too funny. I've been down that road with a couple of my furbabies too in the past. Finally Ariel looks wonderful, she finished up great. The backstitching sure made her pop. Looking forward to seeing how she'll look all framed too, perfect for her bedroom.
Anonymous said…
I am sure baby girl was happy you stuck with the project too, and now you have such a lovely peice to show for all your time and work and determination. Good for you! :)
aksunflour said…
Wow amazing how the back stitching made her face "pop" out.
good job.
now what's next up to finish?
Vivian said…
The Ariel is so precious! I learned embroidery when I was a little girl, but never did much of it. Wish I have more time to do stitching now, the fine details are so different from knitting, but then it's demanding on the eyes too.

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