Monday Morning Updates

First of all, I am VERY happy we have started Spring Break. I really could use the time off. (I reserve the right to change this emotion on Sunday AFTER the kids have been home for a week).

So much to blog abt, so little time. Now that we are in Spring Break, I have to share computer time. I'm not thrilled with this. So what's been going on?

Memorial Celebrations

Saturday Sky and temps

Malbrigo sock

I am SO much quicker with socks on size 2dpns than on size 1.5dpns. BUT I am enjoying it immensely!! Malabrigo is lovely to work with. It's too bad it's as pricey as it is, I could see doing an entire sweater with it if there was no limit to the yarn budget.

Charity vest

This project......It WILL get done, just because I'm stubborn that way, but it has changed from a sweater with a pattern to a plain sweater to a plain vest. This sweater will fit a teenager when I'm done, which is good because there are very few charity donations this size. However it is taking a LONG time to complete. Once done, it will go into the charity bag to mail out later this year. I have also decided I will stick to small children knits.

Speaking of small children knits, I just found out one of my sils is pregnant so that means more knits to be made!! Of course this gets the creative juices going and I want to make sweaters and blankets and quilts for both the new baby and the older brother. And that also makes me want to knit for my other 1 y/o niece in CA. PLUS making more things for Baby Girl. Oh and that quilt for #1 Son that I've been working on for the past 5 years......(actually I think it might be longer now). I have been going thru my binders looking for projects to knit, but as I look thru them, I'm realizing there are a bunch of patterns I'll never do. I really need to clean it out. Yet another project for another day.

It always amazes me when people tell me they are bored. I would love some of their extra time.


Anonymous said…
Oh boy, you got that one right, about people that are bored. I would be more than happy to use some of their time too. It is the main reason I dislike the body's need for sleep so much. And as you get older there is less and less time. So make sure you keep busy doing all those things now, while you still have time, even if not enough of it.

#1 son and baby girl look adorable, of course. I'm glad someone is getting to enjoy a bit of warm weather. My sky was blue today too, but very windy making it still a bit cold, but perfect for drying the sheets!.

The Malibrigo socks looks totally yummy, and whoever benefits from your charity vest will be thrilled with it, even if it's plain.

Speaking of binders full of patterns, if you think you are overloaded, you don't want to get near mine........hahahaha But when we are not sure what we want to make, it is nice to have a choice of selections. So we keep collecting more.

Happy knitting..... :)
SusieH said…
Oh, the kids look GORGEOUS!! Love that tie, and the dress? I want the dress...for ME.

Happy spring break to you - may you have a great week, with even some rest!!
I've been reading your blog for such a long time... The kids are really growing up so fast!

Loving that 80 degree temp you have there. We had a high of 55 today. YIPEE!

MMM Malabrigo.

Yes, people that are bored in this day and age aren't trying hard enough. There is plenty to do in this world.
Enjoy your Spring Break! Mine just ended, today was my first day back at work :(

I just bought some Malabrigo sock yarn and I can't wait to knit with it! It looks so lovely on the skein I imagine it will make a great pair of socks.

Did the vest originally start at the Mystery Sweater?

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