Pure Bliss

You know how there are people who can sleep practically anywhere? If Tiger were a person, she would be one of these. Where does she choose?

In a laundry basket full of papers and books.

In a guitar case.

Next to the VCR.

On top of the printer.

In a shoebox.

This is what you call a state of true contentment.


Susan said…
Those pictures are hilarious!
Ruth said…
I love your cat photos! I'm good at sleeping, but not quite THAT good!

I, too, post bad food photos (I recently resisted a photo of undercooked banana bread.) At least you were still able to make a yummy dessert!
KSee said…
OMG, what great pictures. Love that last one.
Dee said…
The one in the shoebox doesn't look possible! LOL

Great pictures.
Bridget said…
What a sweetie!
Knittymuggins said…
Awwww..... such a cute kitty! I wish I could have a kitty :)

Barb said…
I'm such a sucker for pictures of sleeping cats! Thanks for these!

(Oddly enough, my word verification word is, "Catin.")

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