Spring Concert Special

Here is your program

Please put your tickets here.

Reserved seating up front.

Starring Piano Man

Also starring Drummer Girl

Featuring a special duet by both artists

Thank you for coming!


SusieH said…
That is so darn cute!!! love babygirl's Lennon shades. Perfect for a musician...
Dee said…
Very cute!
This is one of the cutest posts EVER.
Jacki said…
So cute!!
Sandie Knapp said…

Have you ever given though to authoring a book? You really should, you know? I think you would be wonderful at it. :)
stitcherw said…
Looks like a fun concert. :)
How creative! It's so nice to see you supporting the arts :)
aksunflour said…
oh that is cute.

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