There's hope for me yet!

Back in Oct (or July, I'm not sure anymore) we did a big shopping spree at JoAnn's. While there, they had their plant kits on sale. I've tried their herb kits before but I can never get them to grow. They did have a cat nip kit 50% off so I figured I'd try it. I took it out of the bag and put it on the counter.

And it sat.

For a really long time.

It got moved from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table to my bedroom dresser and back again. FINALLY I was going thru some stuff on the kitchen counter and came across the kit. I figured I'd might as well try it, just so I can get rid of the box. I planted it early Friday morning and figured I'd be lucky to get any sprouts considering a lot of the seeds were still exposed. Sunday morning the kids noticed this

WOW! I have taken a picture every day since.




I finally replanted it in a pot and put it on the front porch/stoop/slab of concrete by the front door. We'll see how long it lasts.

At least somebody likes it.


Dee said…
Why am I NOT surprised it is Hemi???? LOL
Myrna said…
It looks like somebody is enjoying your gardening skills...
SusieH said…
That sprouted superfast! I wonder, if I grow some catnip, will cats come visit me?
Sandie Knapp said…
My Rosie would not have allowed to grow past your first photo. She eats every green thing in the house! Including that lovely green yarn of Wendy's! :)
Lula said…
quick look at your hands.... I think your fingers may have turned green!
stitcherw said…
Wow, that's growing great. I'll bet the cats LOVE it (I know mine would). Wonder if the JoAnns here has any, I have a coupon so would be a good deal if they did. Love your new sock start, the blue is gorgeous. Hope your week went well.
atli092 said…
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