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Apparently they're just not that into them

So you've seen all my pictures of the squirrels running amok around our backyard and the cats doing nothing abt it. Well apparently they just don't care for squirrels. I've had tons of lizards (which I don't mind) and a few snakes (which I DO mind), but lately they've been bringing in different *presents* for us. #1 Son found a dead mole in his bedroom, just outside his closet. Ick. But that wasn't the worst one.

The worst one was a dead mockingbird.

In Baby Girl's bedroom.

And she was the one to find it.

UGH! It was bad on so many different levels. The IO picked it up and relocated it to the outside. Meanwhile Baby Girl is sobbing in her bed for the dead bird. Of all people to find it, it had to be her. This was last night. She's recovered, but the IO is NOT happy. While he is a cat person, he was a bird person first. This is the 2nd bird in a week that has been attacked in our backyard. We don't know which one did it, nobody's sp…

One Proud Mama!

Ok for those of you who are sick of me talking abt ballet, you are good for another 3 months.

After this post.

She did a fantastic job and she had so much fun doing it. I'm so glad I took pictures on Saturday because Sunday was such a rush, there wasn't time for much else other than rehearsing curtain call (the younger ones need it) and getting dressed. They didn't even get a chance to run thru it again. Afterward it was getting ready to pour as we were leaving so I didn't get many pictures at all. The one we got of us is very blurry. I'm hoping my nephew got a better one. However I really like this one of the rugrats.

And if you want to see her part in it, watch this clip on YouTube. It's 3 min long. She's the one next to Alice.

Some quiet mommy time

We don't have to get to the theatre until later in the day, and instead of catching up on laundry or cleaning, I've decided to make some coffee and cinnamon oatmeal and catch up on some blog reading (some read the paper on a sunday morning, I read blogs). I have my usual suspects that I frequent often, and then I have a few that I don't get to as much, but still enjoy. These are mostly food blogs.

A couple of my favorites are The Pioneer Woman, Smitten Kitchen, and Chocolate and Zucchini. I think my favorite-favorite is Bakerella. She has some GREAT simple ideas, my favorite being her cupcake pops. These are simple easy and are on my list to make. I'm thinking these would be great for the kids and maybe some more for the teachers

(do you see what I'm doing? Now that we are at the tail end of the madness I call end-of-school-year rush, I'm already planning on making a bunch of these in the next two weeks! I have no one to blame for my busy life but myself.)

She als…

Saturday Sky

It's still raining here, we've had anywhere from 15-20" of rain in the Orlando area. Thankfully we are on high ground so no flooding here, but those poor people along the coast are not fairing as well. We have now surpassed the amt of rain from HURRICANE FAY! This wasn't even a tropical storm (even though I think it is now, and may become this year's first named storm) and it's dropped more rain than a hurricane.

Here's what it looked like tonight.

I took it while eating in the car with Baby Girl. We just finished up our long day of Dress Rehearsal and we were both hungry so we drove thru McDonald's and had a picnic in the car.

While it was a long day, we really had a great time. They practiced on the big stage (she's the one up front, click to make bigger; she's in the box)

and spent their down time coloring

and watching movies.

Toward the end of the day some of the girls were letting off steam by running around the back room we were in. Whi…

The parting of the clouds

Today was the first morning I woke up to no rain. It's been raining here non-stop since Sunday night. We have gone from fire zones to flood zones in 4 days. I'm just happy to live on high ground. My yard will puddle up in places, but the sandy soil helps drain everything pretty quick. Lousy for gardening, but great for keeping the water out of the house.

Today was also my stitching day, but I had to miss it. #1 Son had a field trip to the high school today. The high school has a program for those kids who find writing challenging so they have the 4th graders fill out a questionaire abt who they are and what they like to do. The high schoolers work on writing a story abt them and present it to them at the end of the school year. It's really a cool program and it gets the older kids writing in a fun way. Plus we had donuts and soda after! I have to say, it was really interesting. You forget how OLD high schoolers look. These were MEN AND WOMEN and they were only …

Decisions, Decisions


Saturday Sky

First of all, let me say how much I'm LOVING my new grill! It's practically automatic! The IO picks up the steaks, the potatoes and the corn and ~VOILA~ dinner is served!! I seriously didn't do a thing. Ok I poured myself a soda, but that was the extent of it.

Second of all, I got a fantastic gift in the mail!

My sil who lives in NY sent it to me. Isn't she a sweetheart?? I absolutely love it and can't wait to use the patterns off the cards.

We do have sky and temps to show.

It got cloudy in the afternoon which helped cool things off a bit (if you consider 86 to be *cool*)

We had another ballet rehearsal today which lasted for abt 2.5 hours. She doesn't dance the entire time, a lot of it is spent going thru both scenes of Act I. We went in a bit early since the costumes had arrived, but some adjustments would be needed. Baby Girl was the dressform. The costumes were sent out late and you can tell they were thrown together. There are 3 layers of shee…

A Day Off

Well I did it. I decided that I would schedule in some *me* time and today is it. I did have some things scheduled but I either cancelled them or rescheduled them to have some quiet time today. I'm usually pretty good abt not overextending myself or telling people no, but the end of the school year makes it a lot harder to do since everything is coming to a head.

So instead I'm doing some stuff around the house, catching up on my blogs and emails (though that might take a couple of days!) and just kicking back. We've got ballet rehearsals thurs, fri and saturday so I'm trying to keep it low key for Baby Girl as well.

And last night?? Well my boy did me proud!

#1 Son had his musical concert last night and they did a fantastic job!!!! I stayed earlier in the day to watch them practice and it always amazes me how the practice can go SO badly and the performance turn out so well! Not only did he play the recorder, but also the xylophone bars and some kind of maraca…

Here we go!!!

For the next two weeks, it will be a bit crazy here at Happy Acres. I've got art shows, science fairs, music performances, ballet rehearsals and performances, a field trip, book fair, and a couple of other things going on. Gotta love the end of the school year.

Over the wknd I was trying to get myself ahead of the game by getting my grocery list together, finish going thru the piles of paper and clothes in the bedroom, start this week's laundry to make things easier on myself. Twice my heart almost went into palpitations (I had this problem once back in the early 90s) and I know it's stress. I'm fine during all the chaos, but its the anticipation that kills me. So I prepare.

But my psyche has different plans. It doesn't want to go down that road again. It remembers the early 90s when I was on beta blockers because my heart was going floopy (when I was in my 20s, WAY too young for that to be happening). When my alarm goes off at 6:50am, I hit the snooze bar. The next …

Staying cool on a budget


Which would you choose??

A day in the life

I don't like crazy busy. I like to putter around the house with laundry and cleaning and MAYBE having one thing scheduled for that day. Anything more than that makes me nuts.

However, it is May. Welcome to the nut farm.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Our school has given out ideas of what you can do to show your appreciation for your teachers. Monday was flower day. Sunday night we picked up some flowers for the teachers and Monday morning while the kids were getting ready, I put them in a vase and tied a ribbon around the neck to dress it up a bit.

Got to school early since #1 Son is in band and they are preparing for their spring concert coming up in two weeks. Baby Girl and I made the deliveries. After spending some time with the teachers, I was off to the grocery store. Saw my nephew, who needed to talk so invited him over for dinner.

Got home, put groceries away, made breakfast, started laundry and cleaning up the house. A friend of mine is planning a graduation party fo…

Sewing is stressful.....

I was able to fix my machine today which meant I was able to fix my block. I went from this

to this

to this.

MUCH better! It gets rotated and looks like this in the quilt.

I pulled out the June block but ended up putting it back in the bag. Three blocks in two days apparently is my limit. Instead I pulled out another kit from JoAnn's, this time an apron.

This will be for a friend who loves coffee AND aprons! However the pattern directions are a bit off and I'm at a stand still.

If I was a better seamstress, I'd be able to figure it out, but I'm not sure which would be a better way to go. I think it needs to sit some more. I'll look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. And then the sewing machine will be still for a bit more. I need a break! While I love to make simple items with fabric, the process is VERY stressful for me. I somehow get thru it, but I'm wiped out at the end of it.

I think it's time to pull out a vanilla sock to give the brain a bit of a…