Apparently they're just not that into them

So you've seen all my pictures of the squirrels running amok around our backyard and the cats doing nothing abt it. Well apparently they just don't care for squirrels. I've had tons of lizards (which I don't mind) and a few snakes (which I DO mind), but lately they've been bringing in different *presents* for us. #1 Son found a dead mole in his bedroom, just outside his closet. Ick. But that wasn't the worst one.

The worst one was a dead mockingbird.

In Baby Girl's bedroom.

And she was the one to find it.

UGH! It was bad on so many different levels. The IO picked it up and relocated it to the outside. Meanwhile Baby Girl is sobbing in her bed for the dead bird. Of all people to find it, it had to be her. This was last night. She's recovered, but the IO is NOT happy. While he is a cat person, he was a bird person first. This is the 2nd bird in a week that has been attacked in our backyard. We don't know which one did it, nobody's speaking up. And the fact that they snuck it in w/o us knowing makes it that much worse.

We have a cat door that has been removed. This will no longer allow lizards, snakes, birds or other wildlife entrance into the house w/o us knowing abt it. And it will also keep the Big Orange Cat out as well (he snuck in 2 nights ago to eat our food; the IO ALMOST caught him, but he ran out the way he came in).

This should help. It's one thing to find a dead bird outside, but a completely other thing to find one in your bedroom.

And you wonder why we need to be fast!


Anonymous said…
I could use one of those mole-killin' kitties ---- but not in the house. UGH!

Sorry Baby Girl had to be the one to find the bird. have some mighty-hunter cats.
KSee said…
poor baby. not a good thing to find in your bedroom. You have to tell her that her kitty loves her very much because that is why the bird was presented to her. Still tramatic but that is the hunter in a cat. It is in their genes.
aksunflour said…
poor girl. (at least you found it before it started to smell). Athena released a vole in the house last week too.

lovely young lady in the pizza outfit ;). she dances very well.
Anonymous said…
Smart taking the kitty door out. The cats are just doing what cats do. I'm sure whoever the culprit was, they were just trying to give Baby Girl what they thought was a treasure. Sometimes people and cats just don't see eye to eye.........LOL

stitcherw said…
Oh no, I'm so sorry that she had to find it. It's hard enough knowing they do it, but to have to have been the one to find it. Our four footed family members just don't understand we don't appreciate the presents they want to bring us. Hopefully the closing of the cat door keeps these type of surprises to the outdoors now. Cute picture of the squirrel, they are fast critters. Also, loved the dance recital, and the picture of the two by the water was wonderful.

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