A day in the life

I don't like crazy busy. I like to putter around the house with laundry and cleaning and MAYBE having one thing scheduled for that day. Anything more than that makes me nuts.

However, it is May. Welcome to the nut farm.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Our school has given out ideas of what you can do to show your appreciation for your teachers. Monday was flower day. Sunday night we picked up some flowers for the teachers and Monday morning while the kids were getting ready, I put them in a vase and tied a ribbon around the neck to dress it up a bit.

Got to school early since #1 Son is in band and they are preparing for their spring concert coming up in two weeks. Baby Girl and I made the deliveries. After spending some time with the teachers, I was off to the grocery store. Saw my nephew, who needed to talk so invited him over for dinner.

Got home, put groceries away, made breakfast, started laundry and cleaning up the house. A friend of mine is planning a graduation party for her daughter and I'm helping her out so at noon she picks me up to start going over details. Drive thru McDonalds to inhale some food and off we go to look at what she has and then off to the store for more supplies.

Home at 4:30. Nephew is already there. Kids are happy to see me and while I'm starting dinner, I'm listening to each one tell me abt their day. Get sauce going and then start on brownies (Tues is Sweet Day for the teachers). Finish up sauce, start pasta, pull out brownies. Get rest of dinner finished while listening to the IO tell me abt possible job opportunities and Baby Girl tell me abt the new kittens that were born behind us. Meanwhile #1 Son is outside playing in mud. Get him inside to shower before we eat.

Eat dinner. (and sit down finally!)

Once dinner is done I explain to everybody that a portion of the brownies is for the school so DON'T TOUCH THEM. Get our dessert and then into office with nephew to discuss life. He is interested in another girl who 1)only likes him as a friend and 2)is already dating somebody else. TWO HOURS LATER the IO is getting ready to go to bed, the kids need to get ready for bed and there is nothing left to analyze abt what he did wrong or could have done differently (think beating dead horse at this point). He finally leaves (feeling worse than when he got here), got Baby Girl ready for bed while listening to more of her day. Spend some time with her before she falls asleep. Go to #1 Son to hear more abt his day (he hands me two more forms for field trips. There is only 4.5 weeks left of school and they are squeezing in not one but TWO more trips). Fill out paperwork, fill out checks, spend some time with him. At this point it's almost 10:15. I watch one show before I go to bed.

But I can't fall asleep. My mind is reliving the day; thinking of ideas for the grad party, frustration with my nephew, trying to figure out how I'm going to fit everything in.

I finally fall asleep only to wake up 5 min before we need to get out the door. My alarm got messed up and instead of waking up to music, it was only static which didn't penetrate the brain enough to wake me up. Jump out of bed, wake everybody up, claw thru laundry for clean clothes, wrap up brownies to give to teachers today. Somehow we make it to school only 2 min late. #1 Son runs out with his brownies and I spend some time adding some curling ribbon to Baby Girl's.

Rush home to start getting ready for work when I get the call that I don't have to go in today. THANK GOD!!!!! While we can definitely use the money, I need the time off more. So I can putter around getting more laundry done, cleaning the kitchen (which looks like a bomb went off in it) and oh, I don't know, maybe knit a bit.

I have a couple more days like that in the next couple of weeks which means I should be dead at the end of the month.

So how was your Monday?

You'd never see a cat doing all that!


Anonymous said…
Oh golly ... I remember those days. Oh wait ... it was last Monday!

Good luck to #1 Son on the concert! What instrument is he playing?
Karen said…
Wow, I'm exhausted just READING about that day!!!
SusieH said…
Whoa!! WHAT a crazy busy time ... glad you got that unexpected day to catch up with yourself...
I'm pretty sure everyone I know had a sucky Monday this week. And knitting, what's that? Are we supposed to be knitting around here? I must have fallen off that train too... :)
Mark and Judy said…
Yikes... Think I'll stop complaining about housekeeping. Talking about girl troubles with the nephew would probably kill me. God bless you!
Barb said…
I always say, "May is the new December." It has all the craziness and is only lacking sending out holiday cards.
KSee said…
Karen said it all for me. Exhausted!
Vivian said…
What a day! It's so nice of you to sit down with your nephew and discuss his girl problem. I'm sure it made him feel better just to have someone listen to him.

My blogger has been playing tricks on my update roll, so I'm just realizing that I'm way behind on reading blogs!
aksunflour said…
singing the song "there will be days like this... mama said."

(but she neglected to say that the days would last all week or month.)

if i catch you coming when you should be going i'll let you know... but my life is crazy like that too.

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