A Day Off

Well I did it. I decided that I would schedule in some *me* time and today is it. I did have some things scheduled but I either cancelled them or rescheduled them to have some quiet time today. I'm usually pretty good abt not overextending myself or telling people no, but the end of the school year makes it a lot harder to do since everything is coming to a head.

So instead I'm doing some stuff around the house, catching up on my blogs and emails (though that might take a couple of days!) and just kicking back. We've got ballet rehearsals thurs, fri and saturday so I'm trying to keep it low key for Baby Girl as well.

And last night?? Well my boy did me proud!

#1 Son had his musical concert last night and they did a fantastic job!!!! I stayed earlier in the day to watch them practice and it always amazes me how the practice can go SO badly and the performance turn out so well! Not only did he play the recorder, but also the xylophone bars and some kind of maraca type things. He did a fantastic job and you can tell he had a great time doing it!

I LOVE that picture! I need to clean it up a bit, but it just shows the pure joy of the moment.

All in all, it was a fun time by all. Even the sky was happy.


Anonymous said…
Your boy is really growing up. He doesn't have that "little" kid look anymore.

Tell him congratulations on a great concert!
Brigitte said…
Aw, I smiled when I saw that first picture too! What a great smile!
Vivian said…
I'm sure the relaxation is good for your heart, and the great concert too. Take it easy.
Jane said…
That is a darling photo - he's so happy! And it's always nice to have some "me" time. Glad you got to relax a bit.
KSee said…
Good for you.

Great picture, pure joy.

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