Here we go!!!

For the next two weeks, it will be a bit crazy here at Happy Acres. I've got art shows, science fairs, music performances, ballet rehearsals and performances, a field trip, book fair, and a couple of other things going on. Gotta love the end of the school year.

Over the wknd I was trying to get myself ahead of the game by getting my grocery list together, finish going thru the piles of paper and clothes in the bedroom, start this week's laundry to make things easier on myself. Twice my heart almost went into palpitations (I had this problem once back in the early 90s) and I know it's stress. I'm fine during all the chaos, but its the anticipation that kills me. So I prepare.

But my psyche has different plans. It doesn't want to go down that road again. It remembers the early 90s when I was on beta blockers because my heart was going floopy (when I was in my 20s, WAY too young for that to be happening). When my alarm goes off at 6:50am, I hit the snooze bar. The next thing I know it's 7:45am. The time #1 Son is supposed to be at band rehearsal. I hop up, get the kids up and get everybody at school by 8:05. Thankfully they started rehearsal late so he didn't miss anything. I get done what I have to do, including a few things I wasn't planning.

I sit in the car and think of the morning and how insane it was. And start to laugh. Not a hysterical-give-that-woman-a-xanax laugh, but a I'm-not-going-to-let-this-get-me sort of laugh. Instead of going grocery shopping, I came home, made some breakfast and went on line. While I won't be on here as long as I'd like, I'm still going to pace myself and not make myself nuts.

Or so I say now, ask me again at the end of the week!!

I did take my sky and temp on Saturday. It's starting to get HOT!

Saturday Sun provided by Baby Girl

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a few things to take care of this week.

At least she remembered to feed me.


Sandie Knapp said…
I hear you loud and clear. Right now there are not enough hours in a day, nor enough of me to go around with so much going on. But busy is good, right?

Please, take care of yourself. If those "palpatations" continue, you must call the Doc.

Take care, take it easy, do what you can, when you can, and it will just have to suffice. :)
KSee said…
Boy, that is a boat load of stuff to do. glad you went back home and chilled out.

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