How can it possibly be May already?? I'm still not done with March let alone April! Maybe I should be calling out a mayday to slow things down a bit.

And is anybody having problems date posting on blogger? Two different times I've written something to be posted the next day and instead it went out right away. I've done them in the past and have never had a problem until recently. I posted my burnt brownies and then tried to future post Tiger's crazy sleeping habits and instead it posted immediately. I'm obviously doing something wrong, just not sure what.

So now that it's the end of April, I'm looking back at what I've done. I've finished one cross stitch and two knitting projects. One was the vest and the other I finished off last night. They are a pair of charity socks, probably for CIC.

I wanted to use up the rest of the red from the vest and I came really close!
sock #1 4/28-29
sock #2 4/30
Magic 28 socks using size 5 needles (should have used the size 6 as suggested, these socks are a bit bullet proof)
Norsk Ullgarn #785 (same red from the vest)
Yarn used: 1.9oz/118.3yds

This brings my total yarn used for the month of April to be 11.1 oz or 700.3 yds.

I did have a new acquisition that I got off of Ravelry, but I haven't taken it out of the box yet. It's the yarn I need for a cute jacket for Baby Girl in a cotton blend. I have some cotton blends here, but I couldn't get gauge (I eventually did but I didn't like the resulting fabric). So instead I just decided to get the yarn recommended and she LOVES it. It's very soft too and will be perfect for cooler a/c'd buildings and eventually our cooler weather. I'm making the largest size so hopefully I'll get a couple of seasons out of it for her. The shawl I made her is getting too small. I think it will be used as a scarf by next winter.


Anonymous said…
Time flies when you get old .... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...are you old yet?

I can't believe it's May either. That and April being cool and May being almost unbearably hot already.


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