One Proud Mama!

Ok for those of you who are sick of me talking abt ballet, you are good for another 3 months.

After this post.

She did a fantastic job and she had so much fun doing it. I'm so glad I took pictures on Saturday because Sunday was such a rush, there wasn't time for much else other than rehearsing curtain call (the younger ones need it) and getting dressed. They didn't even get a chance to run thru it again. Afterward it was getting ready to pour as we were leaving so I didn't get many pictures at all. The one we got of us is very blurry. I'm hoping my nephew got a better one. However I really like this one of the rugrats.

And if you want to see her part in it, watch this clip on YouTube. It's 3 min long. She's the one next to Alice.


Anonymous said…
Very sweet ... and not ONE little mushroom hat was lost. LOL

Baby Girl did a GREAT job! Tell her we said congratulations on a job well done.
KSee said…
How wonderful! I had no idea that there would be such a long dance. I was not thinking that mushrooms danced. Tell Baby girl she was marvelous.
I like that picture of both kids.
What fun! She had quite a good part and did it well!

Made me think of my dance recitals...
Bridget said…
So cute! I think the picture of the two kids is absolutely perfect. Someday you'll probably feel like you didn't talk about ballet enough ...
Vivian said…
Baby Girl is so cute! Thanks for posting the video, that's quite a production.
SusieH said…
The cuteness - it is unbearable!! I LOVED the video - well done, little one :)
Anonymous said…
The picture is adorable and she looks so lovely.

The video was amazing. I watched with tears in my eyes because of the memories it brought to mind. But I smiled and laughed too. You can be very proud of your little one. She did very well indeed and that video is a treasure for all time.

I loved it, and thank you so very much for sharing it. :)
Jane said…
You should be proud! How cute. And your baby girl is growing up fast!

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