The parting of the clouds

Today was the first morning I woke up to no rain. It's been raining here non-stop since Sunday night. We have gone from fire zones to flood zones in 4 days. I'm just happy to live on high ground. My yard will puddle up in places, but the sandy soil helps drain everything pretty quick. Lousy for gardening, but great for keeping the water out of the house.

Today was also my stitching day, but I had to miss it. #1 Son had a field trip to the high school today. The high school has a program for those kids who find writing challenging so they have the 4th graders fill out a questionaire abt who they are and what they like to do. The high schoolers work on writing a story abt them and present it to them at the end of the school year. It's really a cool program and it gets the older kids writing in a fun way. Plus we had donuts and soda after! I have to say, it was really interesting. You forget how OLD high schoolers look. These were MEN AND WOMEN and they were only in the 10th grade!!! YIKES! I know I'll be seeing more of this as time goes by, esp when #1 Son starts middle school in a year, but I'm glad we are just now getting into double digits and not hitting the 20 year mark any time soon.

I have no updates to share, I haven't been still or awake long enough to really do anything. By the time I stop, I'm too tired to have to think to even knit. And while I can usually knit during ballet rehearsals, I'm being utilized for costume duty instead. The costumes came in, but you can tell they were a rush job because they weren't really finished. So we added some lace to the front, some beads to the bodice (that would be me!), and new shoulder straps. They look MUCH better. The nylon shirt reminds me of a cavegirl skirt, but they arent finished off and are starting to unravel. The company won't refund their money and there is no time for new costumes (since the performance is this wknd), so while they'll look nice this wknd, they won't last much longer.

And while I have no updated projects, I do have a project that will soon be retired. I made this dress for Baby Girl back in July of 2005.

I wasn't thrilled with it, but she loved it.

And still does.

It's getting too small, but she'll insist it still fits fine and will put it on. Then take it off 5 min later because it's uncomfortable. I think it's time to put it in storage. And maybe make her a new one......


Anonymous said…
Come on, you have to admit, she still looks adorable wearing it, whether as a dress or a blouse! haha

Sorry about all the rain. We has that last week, but right now we have been enjoying some very nice balmy warm days. I think we hit 82ยบ today! :)
Anonymous said…
Good luck on the performance this weekend. Don't forget --- we want pictures!!!!

We missed you today.
Jane said…
That is really funny, but she looks so cute in it, still. Amazing how much she's grown, and isn't it nice that your work was so appreciated.
Grace said…
she is so darn cute in that little dress1
Ruth said…
Amazing how the dress went from a cute dress to a cute top! It's lovely either way.

I remember when DS#1 moved up in baseball to the 13-15 yr. old team. I was shocked that one of them had a mustache!
SusieH said…
It looks SOO cute as a blouse - that's a good long life for one knit piece. Gonna make a similar piece with deeper armholes as a blouse?

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