Saturday Sky

When they say it's not the heat, it's the humidity, today is the kind of day they are talking abt. Today was only 2 degrees warmer than last week, but BOY did it feel hot!!!

Here was our temp

and sky (courtesy of #1 Son) around noon.

So I've been getting tired of seeing my big pile of fabric on top of the craft table in the living room, and decided that today was the day I would sort thru it. I pulled out a card table and put a quilt on top of it to sort the piles from the craft table. Two minutes later I came back to this.

Why is it they automatically think we set up these things for them?? After moving him off TWICE, I was able to start sorting the fabric onto the card table. I came across a few projects that would wait until the fall (like flannel sleep pants) but kept out the projects that should be made now (like shorts and tank tops).

Remember these?

January block

February block

They are part of the quilt kit sold at JoAnn's for 2005 called Countryside Cottage. I started them back in 2008 and was hoping to finish the quilt at the end of the year so I'd have a new quilt for 2009. Well that obviously didn't happen. I found them while going thru the fabric piles and also found the March and April kits. So I decided to do them!

Here are the March blocks

and April's blocks

I started May's block

but had to stop once my sewing machine started acting up. It did this to me once before so I think it's time to change the needle and clean out the bobbin area. I only have 3 of the 4 red triangles to finish and the block is done.

So *technically* I'm back up to speed. Caught up in fact! Nothing like doing the May block during the month of May. Who cares if its 4 years later? If I can fix my machine and finish off this block, I may even pull out June. Gotta sew while I'm on a roll, right? Considering it's been over a year since I last worked on this project, who knows when I'll pull it out again.

UGH!!! As I'm looking at the picture of May's block, I'm realizing I put it together wrong!!! Looks like I'll be ripping out seams tomorrow as well. I KNEW it didn't look right, but I thought it was because I hadn't attached the red fabric yet. I guess it's a good thing I didn't, less to rip out. Let's just hope I can fix the sewing machine...


NH Knitting said…
Hey, at least you got the sorting out done! That in itself was the whole point of the exercise, so doing some of the sewing was actually extra credit. :-)
Sandie Knapp said…
Now see, if you had said nothing, not a single soul reading your blog would have known there was anything wrong with that May block. Especially me. I know absolutely nothing about quilting! hahaha I think it looks fine just the way you have it, but I think (since you mentined it) that I could pick the error if I tried.

Have fun. :)
stitcherw said…
They do seem to think they need to check every new thing out, and a table with a cover would be sooooo tempting. Glad you were able to reclaim it and make some headway. The quilt squares look wonderful, so colorful. As to your May block, I'd never have known it was off if you hadn't pointed it out, I thought that was the way the pattern went, looked good to me. Loved your earlier post on Tigger too, they do find the craziest places to sleep.

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