Saturday Sky

First of all, let me say how much I'm LOVING my new grill! It's practically automatic! The IO picks up the steaks, the potatoes and the corn and ~VOILA~ dinner is served!! I seriously didn't do a thing. Ok I poured myself a soda, but that was the extent of it.

Second of all, I got a fantastic gift in the mail!

My sil who lives in NY sent it to me. Isn't she a sweetheart?? I absolutely love it and can't wait to use the patterns off the cards.

We do have sky and temps to show.

It got cloudy in the afternoon which helped cool things off a bit (if you consider 86 to be *cool*)

We had another ballet rehearsal today which lasted for abt 2.5 hours. She doesn't dance the entire time, a lot of it is spent going thru both scenes of Act I. We went in a bit early since the costumes had arrived, but some adjustments would be needed. Baby Girl was the dressform. The costumes were sent out late and you can tell they were thrown together. There are 3 layers of sheer nylon that are cut into Vs. Well at the inverted point, the snips overlap, some by alot. Plus they weren't finished off and are starting to unravel. There will be no time to return them so her teacher will be fixing ALL 13 OF THEM. Oh and did I mention that I will be helping? HA!! I'm actually looking forward to it. Her teacher gave me a big hug today. She is so thrilled with all my help and support of the ballet school and their performances. You mean you appreciate the support instead of the complaints? (side note, I have never been around more moms who complain as much as this group does. I've almost posted abt it twice. I still may on another day). I don't see what I do as all that special. I'm there to support my daughter. If I can help the teachers out, this gives them more time to be available to their students, which benefits my daughter. Sounds a bit self serving to me, but apparently I'm in the minority here.

And it hasn't been all work and no play around here. After I volunteered at the Book Fair on Friday (which was a good thing too since everything hit the fan that day!), I went to lunch with another mom. Someplace that didn't offer a Happy Meal! THAT was nice!!!!

Later that night I had a date with a handsome young man.

It was the Mother/Son event. In the past it was a dance, but the boys tend to get a bit roudy so the current PTA officers decided to change things up a bit.

WOW! I was not expecting this! It's a huge bouncy house type thing that has baseball, basketball, soccer and football activities around it.

We also had a dunk tank

and an obstacle course.

Sometimes you win,

sometimes you lose,

but you always remain friends.

We rounded out the evening at Dairy Queen.

While I've been keeping busy, I've been making sure to keep knitting.
Baby Girl's shrug/sweater as of 5/7

as of today

The body is finished and I just started the sleeves.

My sock.

Yes this is still sock #1. I have finished the gusset and am abt 3 inches into the foot.

#1 Son's sock

No more has been done on this.

And the kitty blanket.

I'm hoping to get more done once this performance, and then school, is over. I've said that before (just check out each May posts over the years), but I have high hopes for this year!


Knittymuggins said…
The projects look great! And I agree - summer dinners are *so* easy I feel almost guilty :)

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Jacki said…
Volunteers like you are absolutely pricelss to teachers!! And yes you are unfortunately in the minority :)
Brigitte said…
Aw, that's a pretty handsome date you have there!

(I would have had a blast!)
Anonymous said…
Obviously I've been absent far too long. But it's weeding, mowing, and all that kind of stuff, time here in the northeast. Although if you went by the weather you would never know it. It is a whopping 49ยบ and this is our high so far. Since it's after 3 PM I doubt it is going to get any warmer.......hahaha They say tomorrow will be better. I hope they are right. I come here to see what the rest of the country is enjoying........... boo hoo hoo

Both your babies are doing great. A testimony to the great job of mothering you are doing. :)

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