Saturday Sky

It's still raining here, we've had anywhere from 15-20" of rain in the Orlando area. Thankfully we are on high ground so no flooding here, but those poor people along the coast are not fairing as well. We have now surpassed the amt of rain from HURRICANE FAY! This wasn't even a tropical storm (even though I think it is now, and may become this year's first named storm) and it's dropped more rain than a hurricane.

Here's what it looked like tonight.

I took it while eating in the car with Baby Girl. We just finished up our long day of Dress Rehearsal and we were both hungry so we drove thru McDonald's and had a picnic in the car.

While it was a long day, we really had a great time. They practiced on the big stage (she's the one up front, click to make bigger; she's in the box)

and spent their down time coloring

and watching movies.

Toward the end of the day some of the girls were letting off steam by running around the back room we were in. While I kept trying to keep them under control, it got to a point where I was moving past Sergeant Mom to Mean Mom and I decided to just walk away. I was the only mom who was making a fuss and nobody was listening anyway so as long as Baby Girl was behaving, that's all I cared abt. (took everything in me to keep from saying *told you so* to the little girl who fell and bumped her head and knee, but I digress).

However they did look cute!

(she's back row, far right)
They were toad stools and did really well. I've had two different people tell me their mushroom caps look like pizzas. Actually they sort of do, but I think Baby Girl carries it well!

She thinks they look like cheerleaders.

Warning! Be prepared for more pictures tomorrow since that is when we have the actual performance and when we take the family pictures outside. Lets just hope it stops raining long enough for us to take them.

Meanwhile, we had a great time together!


Anonymous said…
My golly, your baby girl is growing up. She makes a very good toad stool! LOL

Good luck tomorrow! Have fun!
aksunflour said…
wow what a lot of shrooms.

we could really use your rain. complete burn ban up here.
Anonymous said…
I love it! It brings back so many memories of watching my niece as she grew up, and her dance recitals every Spring. Your baby girl is adorable! :) I hope the rain lets up for the final performance. Have fun!
KSee said…
I think they are the best toad stools I have ever seen! It is scary to see Baby girl with make up on. You can see the young woman she will become.
The group shot sure shows the personalities of the girls.

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