Some quiet mommy time

We don't have to get to the theatre until later in the day, and instead of catching up on laundry or cleaning, I've decided to make some coffee and cinnamon oatmeal and catch up on some blog reading (some read the paper on a sunday morning, I read blogs). I have my usual suspects that I frequent often, and then I have a few that I don't get to as much, but still enjoy. These are mostly food blogs.

A couple of my favorites are The Pioneer Woman, Smitten Kitchen, and Chocolate and Zucchini. I think my favorite-favorite is Bakerella. She has some GREAT simple ideas, my favorite being her cupcake pops. These are simple easy and are on my list to make. I'm thinking these would be great for the kids and maybe some more for the teachers

(do you see what I'm doing? Now that we are at the tail end of the madness I call end-of-school-year rush, I'm already planning on making a bunch of these in the next two weeks! I have no one to blame for my busy life but myself.)

She also has some graduation cap pops. I WILL make these for my friend's daughter who is graduating. I think this is just a fantastic idea and VERY simple to make.

So my time on here is over and I need to move on to getting ready for later today. I'm hoping I won't have to fix anymore costumes (I had to fix a crown and some stingers for the bumble bees yesterday), but I'm bringing the sewing kit just in case. I'm also going to try to take some video with my digital camera, not sure how that will come out, but if I can post it later on, I will. I think she's on stage for 10 min with her dancing for 3 min.

Meanwhile here is a little something for your enjoyment.....

Lucy sez: "You're lucky I'm not hungry right now."

Meanwhile, Tiger is thinking abt his probability factors of getting the squirrel vs falling to the ground below.


Anonymous said…
You MUST try the rasperry buttermilk coffee cake on Smitten Kitchen. It's AWESOME!!!

Love the kitty vs. squirrel pictures.

Good luck to the little dancer today ... have fun.
Jacki said…
Sigh, Bakerella reminds me of all the things I used to make when I had time.
Anonymous said…
Well, did Tiger go for the prize or not?? hahaha
stitcherw said…
My it's been busy around your place. The ballet looked such fun (she made an adorable toadstool), and the mother/son event looked like all had quite a bit of fun too. Loved the entry with the knitted dress going to just a crop top, wow has she grown. I think you need to make her a new one to wear, she obviously loved the first one. Fun cat pictures, and the various receipes sound yummy. Hmmm, maybe I'll do a bit of cooking. :)
KSee said…
Anytime you want to make a care package, knock yourself out. I'll be your official taste tester. As if you did not have enought at home already. :-))

I can not believe that your kitties can get that close to the squirrels. They sure have your kitties numbers. At this rate I expect to see them all lounging together!

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