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Working thru the Stash

It always makes me happy when I can use up some of my stash that's been sitting for awhile. I bought some Red Heart Carefree Cotton awhile ago on clearance at Wal-Mart. It's a cotton/acrylic blend and very soft. There were 4 left and I bought them all up. I wasn't sure what I would make with it, but I knew I could make something for Baby Girl.

I was surfing on Ravelry one night, checking out some yarn I was interested in and seeing what other people made with it. I came across a pattern that I really liked and thought Baby Girl would love. It's a Lionbrand free pattern, Fresh Picked Color 3/4 sleeved cardigan. The yarn wasn't a perfect match but I got close to gauge. Since it's a loose fitting cardigan, I figured I'd be fine.

Turns out it's actually a little big, but Baby Girl loves it and that's all that matters. I LOVE the feel of the cardigan (so does she), but I'm not sure how well the yarn will wear. I've already washed and d…

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

I have started two different posts to describe what's been going on here, but I've deleted them both. Basically I've finished a book, a sweater for Baby Girl and have been sick since Wednesday. I've had body aches, fever, oh yes and now a full body rash. It's either stress or viral, nobody knows for sure yet. I'm on benadryl, cortisone and xanax. Such a lovely cocktail of meds. At least it has helped a bit with the itching. THAT is the worst part of it all. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

I will post pics and details of Baby Girl's sweater. Remember how I thought it would be too small? Well it's actually a little TOO big! But it works fine and Baby Girl loves it!

Meanwhile Lucy says:

Don't come any closer! These lasers are NOT set to stun!

Officially Summer

Now that the parties are over and the out of towners have gone home, I finally feel like summer break has started. Over the wknd I started going thru some of the piles on the side of the bed to reorganize it a bit. I've been working a lot on Baby Girl's sweater, but will take pictures of it when I'm finished. I'm getting REALLY close and I'm hoping it will fit.

I also did some reassigning on some projects. I had a Warm Woolies sock that I ripped out. I forgot to turn the heel, but decided to keep ripping until it was all out. I was happy with the cuff (nice and stretchy) and the colors were blending well, but I really hated the yarn. It was a single ply yarn that I got in a JoAnn's felting kit. I figured it was great for charity knitting, esp when it went on clearance, but I didn't realize my aversion to single ply yarn until later. My 8 skeins will be sold on eBay.

As I was pulling out these skeins of yarn, I came across some remnants of wool yarn…

Saturday Sun

With the way the heat feels today, I feel like I'm ON the sun! Here is my temp around 3pm.

Don't let the 92 fool you. The heat index was 114. How did we go from such nice temps a few weeks ago to the middle of the sun?!?! Here is my sky.

Yes I took it from inside the house. It was too hot to go outside. I couldnt even convince the kids!

However later Baby Girl did decide to go outside and swing. It had cooled down to an index of only 105. See?

She had to put on pants to keep from getting a chill...

After grocery shopping this AM, I sequestered myself to the dark cool cave of my bedroom, pulled out some knitting and am making progress on Baby Girl's sweater. Do you ever get those feelings as you knit that it's not going to fit?? I'm getting those feelings as I knit this shrug for Baby Girl. I'm making the biggest size, but with different yarn and needles. I checked gauge 3 times and have gotten something different each time. It's close and I'm …

Could it be?!?

YES! Actual knitting content!! First of all, I have located all missing knitting projects. All are safe, sound and accounted for. And I do have a finish to report!

This is a charity pair for Warm Woolies with some leftover bulky yarn (the toes and cuffs) and some KnitPicks Wool of the Andres. I started this back in May when I had a few minutes back stage, but I never finished them until June. Here are the details:

Purple Charity Socks
32 row socks using size 7 dpns
Sock #1: 5/23-25
Sock #2: 5/28-6/6

I have 6 knitting projects going right now, but only 2 are really being worked on. Here's my kitty shelter blanket.

I switched needles and its moving along a LOT faster now. I'm probably abt 1/2 way done with this. It's the perfect thing to knit on when #1 Son and I watch Ace of Cakes at night.

I'm also working on a light weight sweater for Baby Girl.

These are the sleeves. I have another 6" to knit before I'm done with them. They get attached to the sweater …

Saturday Heat Wave

Today can make anybody a firm believer in global warming. My thermometer says this

but it feels MUCH hotter. My local Wunderground weather station (which is down the street) says it is 92 with a heat index of 105. That is ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE DEGREES!!!!!! It's no wonder that I feel like I'm withering away.....

Here is what my sky looks like.

Do you see that middle tree-like stalk with branches coming off of it? Something that looks like it belongs in a Dr Seuss book?? It's some kind of cactus that will bloom and eventually die off.

The above picture is what you can see from my backyard. The house it lives at is 4 houses down. Here is what it looks like from the front.

Isn't it a cool plant?? It really is that tall too. I'm not sure of the name of it, and my neighbor wasn't out to ask. He told the IO, but he can't remember. Once I find out I will pass it along.

Meanwhile I am doing something that requires these

and these,

and leaves behind these.


Follow the WiFi

Normally I blog from the comfort of Happy Acres, but we're experiencing some technical difficulties and I haven't been able to access the web in over 24 hours. Not having access to 24 hour news, emails and blogs is not a good look for me so the IO sent me to our local McDonalds. I have to say it's kind of nice to be surfing out of the house!!! I'm tucked away in a corner away from the normal hubbub of the lines and people**, plus I've got some great music being piped in. However the only odd thing is that while the music is in English, the commercials are in Spanish. And I'm not even in Miami.

I took some time for myself over the wknd to kind of recoup from last week and worked some more on Too Pooped. I've completely finished the kitty and am working my way up the tree. I'd show you the pictures, but they are still in my camera which I left at home. I also finished a pair of charity socks and cast on for another pair. Also in the camera. I'…

Saturday Silence

It's quiet right now at Happy Acres and it's NICE! The IO took the kids out this AM leaving me the house to myself, which is wonderful after this past month. I woke up yesterday for the first time in a long time without an agenda ahead of me. It was the last day of school which meant there were no PTO meetings or awards or recitals or field trips to attend or get ready for. No more baked goods to prepare. So what did I do? I went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee with another mom who is also celebrating the end of school. And they were having a special, if you buy a beverage, you get a donut for free! We killed 2 hours w/o even realizing it.

Yesterday was also my blogiversary. I've been doing this for 3 years already. It's fun to look back and see what's been happening in the past few years. It also reminds me that I need to ditch the scrapbooking idea and just go back to photo albums. I was SO much better at keeping them updated before I decided to scrapbook for the kids…

Wednesday morning update

Yes I'm still alive, no I'm not knitting.

And the knitting part is killing me.

It's been hectic here at Happy Acres. My sister who came out for Baby Girl's performance over a week ago is leaving today. She's trying to move up here from Miami so the wknd was spent looking around at houses. We found the development she wants to move into, but now it's just seeing what's available.

So far this week we've had award ceremonies

and field trips.

Today I work in the AM and then fit in a hair cut for #1 son before I start on 36 cupcakes. Yep, I'm making them again. Apparently they were such a big hit, they are being requested again, except for #1 Son's class. Tomorrow is his awards ceremony followed by a pizza party with snacks. Since parents will be there as well, his teacher wants to be sure we have enough cupcakes for everybody.

And Friday. Friday is the last day of school. I'm torn between being in Baby Girl's class one more time and…