Could it be?!?

YES! Actual knitting content!! First of all, I have located all missing knitting projects. All are safe, sound and accounted for. And I do have a finish to report!

This is a charity pair for Warm Woolies with some leftover bulky yarn (the toes and cuffs) and some KnitPicks Wool of the Andres. I started this back in May when I had a few minutes back stage, but I never finished them until June. Here are the details:

Purple Charity Socks
32 row socks using size 7 dpns
Sock #1: 5/23-25
Sock #2: 5/28-6/6

I have 6 knitting projects going right now, but only 2 are really being worked on. Here's my kitty shelter blanket.

I switched needles and its moving along a LOT faster now. I'm probably abt 1/2 way done with this. It's the perfect thing to knit on when #1 Son and I watch Ace of Cakes at night.

I'm also working on a light weight sweater for Baby Girl.

These are the sleeves. I have another 6" to knit before I'm done with them. They get attached to the sweater by knitting them right in. It's hard to explain but a great way to not have to attach them later! Makes the pattern flow better as well.

And here is where I'm at with Too Pooped.

The cat's done and now I'm working my way up the tree. I'm meeting my stitching group tomorrow, but I think I'm bringing something else. Not sure what yet.

And remember all the opened candy wrappers? I finished my grad hats in time for the party. All I can say is that working with chocolate in the summer is NOT fun! The melted chocolate kept hardening up too quickly (because of the fan I had blowing on me), but the peanut butter cups and chocolate bars kept getting soft (because it was the afternoon and my house tends to get warmer than it should). But when all was said and done, I think they came out pretty well.

This is one set of them, the other is further down the dessert table. Toward the end of the party they were grabbed by the teenage crowd and were eaten while dancing. No songs were interrupted for this snack!

***Edited to add***
I forgot to repost the website where I got this idea from. Go to Bakerella, more specifically here, which will give directions on how to make these fantastic grad caps along with other great ideas.

We may only be in week 2 of summer break, but we've already been to 2 parties. My hats were for a graduation party on Saturday and the day before was a pool party. Fourteen boys and Baby Girl. No worries yet since the avg age of the boys was around 12 and Baby Girl is 7. However she is not one to be pushed around. She did her own thing while the boys were doing cannon balls or throwing a ball or just being boys around her. If they were in her way, she'd just swim around them. No screams, no tantrums, just doing her own thing. That girl makes me proud!


Anonymous said…
The grad caps turned out very cute. What candy is the flat part?

Looking forward to tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
Wow, you are a busy lady. The hats looks really cute IMHO. Congrats on finishing the charity socks. I love what you did to them. Can't wait to see the sweater for baby girl. I guess you won't have too much time to get bored if you keep at what you've got there............haha

KSee said…
been busy is an understatement. You have put me to shame.
Vivian said…
Great for Baby Girl not letting those boys push her around. It's a great skill to have in life.
stitcherw said…
Great sock finish, the contrast of the two yarns is fun. The grad hats turned out wonderful as well, what a fun edible table decoration. Glad she could hold her own in the pool, looks like they were all having fun.

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