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Normally I blog from the comfort of Happy Acres, but we're experiencing some technical difficulties and I haven't been able to access the web in over 24 hours. Not having access to 24 hour news, emails and blogs is not a good look for me so the IO sent me to our local McDonalds. I have to say it's kind of nice to be surfing out of the house!!! I'm tucked away in a corner away from the normal hubbub of the lines and people**, plus I've got some great music being piped in. However the only odd thing is that while the music is in English, the commercials are in Spanish. And I'm not even in Miami.

I took some time for myself over the wknd to kind of recoup from last week and worked some more on Too Pooped. I've completely finished the kitty and am working my way up the tree. I'd show you the pictures, but they are still in my camera which I left at home. I also finished a pair of charity socks and cast on for another pair. Also in the camera. I've been working on my charity socks because my other projects are MIA. The house is a bit turned around and I can't find my malabrigo socks, #1 Son's socks ~or~ Baby Girl's jacket I'm working on. I know they are in one of my many piles that I'm trying to work my way thru, it's just a matter of picking the right pile. Until I find them, I will work on charity socks. Warm Woolies is having a summer contest, Six for Six. Six items to fit 6 y/os and older. The deadline is around Sept (not sure if its the beginning or end), and once they receive your package, they send you more yarn. I LIKE this! I really do enjoy the mindless knitting of charity. I don't have to worry if the recipient will like the colors or not or if they won't look *cool* or *trendy*. They are happy to be warm.

(insert charity socks picture here)

So now that school is over, I should be relaxing, right?!? WRONG!! This is the week before a surprise graduation party and my friend is going nuts! She is really worried that it's not going to work out well. She is stressing BAD! However it doesn't help that she has decided to paint, redecorate the living room AND re-landscape the front yard all before this party. She has friends coming in from out of town that haven't seen the house in awhile and she wants it to look good. The IO calls her house the resort. Its landscaped and decorated better than some B&Bs I've been in. I tell her she can go into business if her dh ever loses his job.

ANYWAY we've been busy going to the party store, Michael's, JoAnns, Costco and a few other places. We were working on the party favors yesterday. She still needs to finish them and also wrap the silverware in napkins with curling ribbon. Since this is a surprise, she's limited as to when she can work on the party because her daughter lives at home.

(insert picture of stressed out friend here)

It is going to be a really nice party, and as usual, I will post pictures (hopefully) this wknd. If not at home, at least I'll get some quiet time at McyD's.

If you thought this was going to be a photo-less post, you would be wrong! I did upload some pics over the wknd. Some of you are familiar that we have a lake near our house. A little over a year ago I posted some pictures of it when I was participating in the ABC Along, D is for Drought. Here are those pictures.

Since we've been having so much rain (it's raining as I type in fact), this lake has really filled in. Here is what it looked like this past wknd.

I don't think I've ever seen it so full. What's nice abt having it so high is that the wildlife have returned to the area. We've got a family of ducks, a couple of sandhill cranes and a few other native birds I don't have names for.

(insert wildlife pictures here)

Hopefully I will have my connectivity issues fixed soon. If not, I will be visiting my library more often as well (my McDs only gives you an hour limit).

Now I'm off to read some of my blogs and emails before I run out of time and battery power......

**Ok apparently I'm not far enough away. I had one woman stop by and comment on my computer skills (as in I can type on one!). However it was hard to follow the conversation since she had her lips so filled with silicone, it was hard not to stare. And now I just had 8 kids with 2 adults sit at the seats RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! Now I'm having conversations with them abt the quality of the connectivity. The connectivity is fine, but the concentration is now SHOT!

YIKES there are more coming!! Apparently a local high school soccer game has just finished. Hmmmm, I guess seeing the woman typing furiously on a laptop doesn't signify a busy person.....


Life's a Stitch said…
Wow what a difference, it's so mych prettier now.
Life's a Stitch said…
LOL you can tell I'm trying to type in the dark.
Jane said…
I'd say next time plug in earphones, even if you aren't listening to anything. However, that never seems to work for me - people still talk to me. Uh, 'cuse me - I'm trying to listen to something here!! Sheesh. But it's amazing how much your lake has come up. We've had a lot of rain this spring, too, and now we are back to being able to water the lawn again. Yay!
KSee said…
What an experience! Spanish commercials, silicone lips, I do not understand why they do it and do not see how terrible they look.
I remember the drought pictures. How wonderful to see it like it should be and that the critters have come back for your enjoyment. The kids must love it.

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