The Itchy and Scratchy Show

I have started two different posts to describe what's been going on here, but I've deleted them both. Basically I've finished a book, a sweater for Baby Girl and have been sick since Wednesday. I've had body aches, fever, oh yes and now a full body rash. It's either stress or viral, nobody knows for sure yet. I'm on benadryl, cortisone and xanax. Such a lovely cocktail of meds. At least it has helped a bit with the itching. THAT is the worst part of it all. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

I will post pics and details of Baby Girl's sweater. Remember how I thought it would be too small? Well it's actually a little TOO big! But it works fine and Baby Girl loves it!

Meanwhile Lucy says:

Don't come any closer! These lasers are NOT set to stun!


Anonymous said…
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear, I've been there before and once ended up in the emergency room (allergic to one of my meds, so now I have to keep Benedryl handy just in case. That itchy will drive you nuts!! Glad you are feeling better. :)
stitcherw said…
Sorry you're having such itches and rash troubles, what a pain (literally) especially in the hot weather. Hopefully whatever is causing it resolves itself quickly and doesn't come back. Loved the picture of Lucy's eyes, isn't it weird how their eyes can glow like that sometimes, spooky.
KSee said…
late catching up. I hope you are better. I had a simular problem back when I was in hospital 2001. I had an alergic reaction to one of the many drugs they were giving me to keep me alive. My feet & hands even peeled. So what to they have for this in a hospital, nada. They said go to drupstore and get benadryl & cream. Then my friend and daughter covered my whole body with the cream. Realy did not help. Oh, I also blew up and was this fat red thing! My skin has never been the same. I guess this is TMI!

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