Officially Summer

Now that the parties are over and the out of towners have gone home, I finally feel like summer break has started. Over the wknd I started going thru some of the piles on the side of the bed to reorganize it a bit. I've been working a lot on Baby Girl's sweater, but will take pictures of it when I'm finished. I'm getting REALLY close and I'm hoping it will fit.

I also did some reassigning on some projects. I had a Warm Woolies sock that I ripped out. I forgot to turn the heel, but decided to keep ripping until it was all out. I was happy with the cuff (nice and stretchy) and the colors were blending well, but I really hated the yarn. It was a single ply yarn that I got in a JoAnn's felting kit. I figured it was great for charity knitting, esp when it went on clearance, but I didn't realize my aversion to single ply yarn until later. My 8 skeins will be sold on eBay.

As I was pulling out these skeins of yarn, I came across some remnants of wool yarn that I wanted to get rid of as well. So I cast on for another WW vest. I started yesterday and just kept working on it until my hands were sore. I made some good progress too!

The other WW vest that is in progress got switched out to different needles. I was using some circular needles out of the same felting kit, but the cord was bent in such a way the stitches wouldn't move smoothly over them. So the vest was knit to my Denise needles and the kit ones were thrown out. It's moving along too.

Reading is happening as well. This month so far I've read two books by Katherine Hall Page, The Body in the Big Apple and The Body in the Moonlight. I started reading her in the late 90s, but stopped once I started having kids (not as much time). I got back into her when she attended a local library function. While I wait for the next couple in the series from the library, I started the new Maggie Sefton, Drop Dead Stitch. So far so good.

Let's see, knitting and reading; THAT'S what summers are for. Now if I can just figure out a way to get the laundry to do itself.....


Dee said…
That's what I'm working on today -- we are in the process of reducing Mt. Laundry!

Yuck! The big issue is as soon as the boys get home from work --- MORE LAUNDRY!
Sandie Knapp said…
It sounds to me like you are doing well. I was given 3 Katherine Hall Page books in the Faith Fairchild series. I've read two of them (Body In The Boullion, Body In The Attic) and I have Body In The Big Apple yet to read. At first I was a little hesitant seeing the main character is the wife of a minister, but they are not preachy at all, and quite enjoyable. I will probably seek out the rest of the set at my local library.

You are having fun and that is great news. :)
Life's a Stitch said…
Doesn't it feel great to make the decision to put an end to a misery making project? Just did it myself.
SusieH said…
You've been a busy, busy gal!! Not much knitting happening here. WE are now in end o school madness weeks. I loved the purple charity socks from a couple posts back - they came out great!

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