Saturday Heat Wave

Today can make anybody a firm believer in global warming. My thermometer says this

but it feels MUCH hotter. My local Wunderground weather station (which is down the street) says it is 92 with a heat index of 105. That is ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE DEGREES!!!!!! It's no wonder that I feel like I'm withering away.....

Here is what my sky looks like.

Do you see that middle tree-like stalk with branches coming off of it? Something that looks like it belongs in a Dr Seuss book?? It's some kind of cactus that will bloom and eventually die off.

The above picture is what you can see from my backyard. The house it lives at is 4 houses down. Here is what it looks like from the front.

Isn't it a cool plant?? It really is that tall too. I'm not sure of the name of it, and my neighbor wasn't out to ask. He told the IO, but he can't remember. Once I find out I will pass it along.

Meanwhile I am doing something that requires these

and these,

and leaves behind these.

More tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
The plant is a Century Plant (Agave Americana).

Yummmm---how many of the candies did you EAT????
stitcherw said…
Neat catus tree, and your candies look very yummy. I'd have a hard time working with them and not eating them. You've certainly had a lot of rain. I've heard about how much you've been getting, but your earlier pictures really show off how much you've gotten. I'll bet the local wildlife loves having some ponds and lakes to play in again.

Loved seeing Too Pooped again, he's moving right along. He's such a fun piece, and what a great finish you'll have for this year if you get him done. Finishing long term WIP's like that feels like such an accomplishment.
Life's a Stitch said…
That is HOTTTT! It's been lovely here, no rain for weeks. It's the climate I've always wanted to live in for a change.
Anonymous said…
You are having too much heat, and we can't even fight our way out of the 70's here. Heck, I almost forget what sunshine looks like, after 14 day in the past 18 days it has rained. Lucky I live on a mountain or I'd be floating away... :)

Right now my tomato plants would sure like just a little bit of your heat. I have 2 flowers on one plant, but the plant is only 10" tall. hahahaha Take care, :)

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