Saturday Sun

With the way the heat feels today, I feel like I'm ON the sun! Here is my temp around 3pm.

Don't let the 92 fool you. The heat index was 114. How did we go from such nice temps a few weeks ago to the middle of the sun?!?! Here is my sky.

Yes I took it from inside the house. It was too hot to go outside. I couldnt even convince the kids!

However later Baby Girl did decide to go outside and swing. It had cooled down to an index of only 105. See?

She had to put on pants to keep from getting a chill...

After grocery shopping this AM, I sequestered myself to the dark cool cave of my bedroom, pulled out some knitting and am making progress on Baby Girl's sweater. Do you ever get those feelings as you knit that it's not going to fit?? I'm getting those feelings as I knit this shrug for Baby Girl. I'm making the biggest size, but with different yarn and needles. I checked gauge 3 times and have gotten something different each time. It's close and I'm being optimistic that it will be fine. I figure even if she can't fit it, I have another niece to pass it down to. But I REALLY hope it fits.....

The IO grilled some swordfish and steaks on the grill and I nuked some potatoes to go with it. Add some fruit and there's dinner. Add a Mike's Hard Lemonade and you have the wknd!

Wonder if it will have an effect on the knitting???


aksunflour said…
wow those are some warm temps, hope it cools down soon. Swordfish steaks sound very tropical and far away.
and what is it with kids wearing long clothing when it is hot out?
Susan said…
That's way too hot!!
Anonymous said…
I really don't want or need 92º or anything like it, but I sure wish at least a LITTLE of that heat would ooze up our way sometime before the next snowfall. It's a whopping 70º here. At least it's not raining for a change, but it's nothing like what I expect for the official first day of Summer either!

Thank goodness you have a cool cave for a bedroom, eh? :)
Vivian said…
I can't even imagine what heat index 114 feels like, and I used to live in a place with 90+ degrees for six months a year.

Can you measure the shrug against Baby Girl when it's big enough? I hope it fits!
Brigitte said…
Mmmm...Mike's Hard Lemonade and the heat?! I'd be out like a light in 5 minutes flat!

Whoa...36C...that's hot.

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