Working thru the Stash

It always makes me happy when I can use up some of my stash that's been sitting for awhile. I bought some Red Heart Carefree Cotton awhile ago on clearance at Wal-Mart. It's a cotton/acrylic blend and very soft. There were 4 left and I bought them all up. I wasn't sure what I would make with it, but I knew I could make something for Baby Girl.

I was surfing on Ravelry one night, checking out some yarn I was interested in and seeing what other people made with it. I came across a pattern that I really liked and thought Baby Girl would love. It's a Lionbrand free pattern, Fresh Picked Color 3/4 sleeved cardigan. The yarn wasn't a perfect match but I got close to gauge. Since it's a loose fitting cardigan, I figured I'd be fine.

Turns out it's actually a little big, but Baby Girl loves it and that's all that matters. I LOVE the feel of the cardigan (so does she), but I'm not sure how well the yarn will wear. I've already washed and dried it, and while it didn't pill, it did fuzz up a bit, esp around the eyelet areas. But it got even softer and like I said, BG loves it and will wear it, which is the biggest reason I knit for her. Here she is wearing it.

Here are my stats:

Fresh-Picked Color 3/4-sleeve Cardigan
Date Start: 4/25/09
Date End: 6/27/09
Total Project time: 2 months
Yarn used: Red Heart Carefree Cotton color #6752 Hot Pink
3 skeins
9.2oz/468yds used up

I'm not one to change patterns around so I knit it pretty much as written. I only changed the yarn (from the recommended Cotton Ease) which made me go up a size in needles (to a 9) to get *gauge*.

I've been working on a couple of mindless projects because while my rash is gone, I still don't feel great. I'm pretty sure it's stress. A job we thought for SURE the IO would get, didn't come thru. Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue. Let's just say it's time we grew some wings....... Or at least get washed off!


Anonymous said…
Oh wow! It's adorable, and so is Baby Girl wearing it. Don't worry about it being a little big. You know she will fill it out quickly enough. I love the color too. Good job! :)
Anonymous said…
Very cute sweater!

Sorry to hear about the job. I know you were hoping!
It's darling!
Jacki said…
Hey, a little too big is always better than a little too small!
Brigitte said…
Oh, BG looks lovely in it! It fits just fine, and besides, she'll fit it soon enough!

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