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Making a Plan

I started a blanket for my sil's new baby last week, but since I'm following an idea instead of a full fledged pattern, I've had to figure out a few things myself. How big do I want it? How many stitches do I need to cast on to make it the size I want? Do I have the correct amt of stitches to accommodate the pattern I'm using?

Since I've cast on almost 200 stitches for this thing, a row takes some time. I've been itching to work on other things, but I really want to be sure that I get this done in time. So I figured out how many rows I need to do per day to be done by Oct. It came to five a day. The pattern repeat is 8 rows so if I can work a pattern a day, I should be done in time. Let's hope so since I still have another sock to cast on for me and also some socks to make for the new baby as well.

Since I finished the 6 for 6 challenge, I've been organizing my charity wool. It didn't take me long since I've been using it up. T…

How they come and go

I met up with Dee yesterday at Books A Million for some stitching time and this is what I did.

As you can see I got *lots* done! This is the beginnings of what will be a baby blanket for my new niece due in Oct. It took me forever to cast on 192 stitches for this blanket and while I think it's going to look really pretty when complete, it's going to take a while using DK weight yarn and size 7 needles. Plus my yarn kept twisting up so I unraveled the cake and rewound it into a ball with Dee's help. Much better but it took time to do. Such is knitting life when you are too busy talking and drinking coffee. Works for me since I always enjoy Dee's company.

I do have a finish to report. Last night I wrapped up my final vest for Warm Woolies.

It's meant to fit a 6 y/o and I think I'm pretty much there.

She was hoping it was for her, so maybe I'll knit up another for her. Yet one more thing to add to her list! I think I'll make it out of cotton since…

Alert the Media!

I went to JoAnn's today and only spent $3.48!!! WOOHOO!! I think it was a personal best!

Today a friend of mine and our kids went to Starbucks for our free pastry. Since the closest one to us doesn't have much to offer, we decided to make it an adventure and travel to a free standing Starbucks for a better selection of pastries. One that was also in close proximity of a Target and JoAnn's (always important to a field trip).

I really didn't need a lot from JoAnn's, just some single fold bias tape for a dress I'm trying to make for Baby Girl. Then I found a Chia Pet in the clearance section for $4.95 from the original price of $19.95. But wait, it was supposed to be sent back so it wouldn't scan. They gave it to me for a buck. I got one more thing, which for the life of me I can't remember and since I'm too lazy to get it from the car, I can't post abt it. However since it was their Coupon Commotion this week I got both items at 40% off. Hence the $…

Saturday Sky

One good think abt having social networks like a blog or Facebook is that you get to keep in touch with friends and family. The BAD thing abt having social networks like a blog or Facebook is the upkeep. I find myself spending more and more time on Facebook, Ravelry, blog reading, news reading, or organizing my pictures to post on line (and the places are starting to grow). Oh well, I know I'm in good company!

First up, my sky.

It was rainy on and off all day today so I didn't try getting a better shot.

Can you see the rain?

I also have a finish to post!! It's a pair of charity socks for Warm Woolies.

They were made to fit a 6 y/o child.

I had Baby Girl try them on

and she told me they were just a wee bit snug. Since she is 7 these socks will fit the current campaign quite well.

Here are my stats:

Warm Woolies Socks #3
Magic 32 pattern (32 stitches across, 32 rows of cuff and foot)
Size 6 dpns
Sock #1: 6/27/09 - 7/1/09 (4 days)
Sock #2: 7/10/09 - 7/12/09 (3 days)
Yarn used: Lion Wool …

The Final Installment

SO here we go with the final installment of the VQS. Don't forget that all quilts can be clicked on to be bigger. Some I think you'll really want to see better.

This is the one that took home a blue ribbon and Best in Show.

I really liked this quilt. The colors are gorgeous and I like the fact that she cut off the corners to give it an octagon look. What was amazing is that she only used one fabric for the main body of the quilt. This one.

It's a technique called Stack N Wack where you layer like 6 pieces of fabric and cut thru all of them. Then you take the same pieces of fabric and sew them together like this.

Isn't it cool? She did a fantastic job!

This one got Honorable Mention.

I'm not a big Sunbonnet Sue fan, but the stitching on this is really good.

These next two quilts had some amazing quilting in it. This one is hand quilted.

What I like abt this one is that she added different designs thru out the quilt. Here is a close up of a butterfly.

This one I real…

VQS6 - Yellow Ribbons

These are the quilts that made it to 3rd place in their category.

This was a whole quilt, completely hand quilted.

Here is a close up of the quilting. It's hard to capture the stitches on the quilt, but this gives you some idea of it.

I really liked the colors in this one. Esp the braided border.

Here's a close-up of the border.

This had a lot of floral attachments.


Here's to her happy place!

Here is the similar quilt from the red ribbon group.

And the third and final jacket.

Stay tuned for the final installment of this virtual quilt show.

VQS5-Red Ribbon Winners

Here are the quilts that came in second place in their division.

This one was nice and had a 3D effect thru out.


I really like this one too.

Esp with all the sparkly thread. This stuff is a BEAR to stitch with!

Look for a similar quilt with a yellow ribbon.

This is another one of the happy place challenge.

I really like the fact that she used the Card Trick pattern with all the little buttons and embellishments.

I left this one for last. When you enter a judged quilt show, you expect to be judged. I didn't shrink this down from the original shot so when you click on it, it will be big. Check out the bottom brown flower. The edges don't match. BY A LOT! I've seen so many other quilts in this category that should have won a ribbon, but this one did. It's a cute quilt that would be great to cuddle under, but not to win a ribbon.

I'm thinking there is a back story to this quilt that wasn't made public.

SO there you have it. Are you still with me?? Have I bor…