Alert the Media!

I went to JoAnn's today and only spent $3.48!!! WOOHOO!! I think it was a personal best!

Today a friend of mine and our kids went to Starbucks for our free pastry. Since the closest one to us doesn't have much to offer, we decided to make it an adventure and travel to a free standing Starbucks for a better selection of pastries. One that was also in close proximity of a Target and JoAnn's (always important to a field trip).

I really didn't need a lot from JoAnn's, just some single fold bias tape for a dress I'm trying to make for Baby Girl. Then I found a Chia Pet in the clearance section for $4.95 from the original price of $19.95. But wait, it was supposed to be sent back so it wouldn't scan. They gave it to me for a buck. I got one more thing, which for the life of me I can't remember and since I'm too lazy to get it from the car, I can't post abt it. However since it was their Coupon Commotion this week I got both items at 40% off. Hence the $3.48 total bill. I LOVE that!

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Dee for some stitching time. Not sure if I'm stitching or knitting so both will be brought with me. I'm thinking knitting will win with a casting on for a blanket.

Meanwhile I have a local squirrel that just enjoys tormenting Hemi.

Can you come out to play??


Vivian said…
That's a great price for more than one item! I never "need" anything from JoAnn's, Michael's, or yarn shops, or Stitches. Stuff just come home with me.
Dee said…
I'm thinking Hemi would prefer to have him in for lunch.

Had a great time today. We'll have to do it again --- did you notice we didn't even GO to Joann's?
Jane said…
I'm WAY behind on blog reading, so just stopping by to say hi and congrats on your shopping trip bargain.
stitcherw said…
Good deal, you got quite the bargin. Hope you had a good time with Dee, what did you end up working on? Fun picture too, the squirrels do love to taunt don't they. The ones here love to pick on Jaz too.
Gotta love those awesome coupons! What a steal!

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