Is it Sunday already?

Where has the week gone? I figured once school was out, time would slow down. Well it *sort of* has, but I tend to fill it in. Plus I just found out the friend who I helped with the graduation party ended up having an emergency appendectomy yesterday morning. Found out while I was out with my sister. The IO calls and tells me that she's in the hospital. I hear *ME'S* in the hospital and immediately ask him what happened. (If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that the IO gets strange things that put him in the hospital, collapsed lungs, seizures. Nothing normal for him!) Nope, not him, our friend instead. Plus both her daughter and husband are out of town. (makes it more interesting that way!). She got home today and I'm waiting to find out what I can do to help. Her mom will be staying with her and while they'll most likely say they don't need anything, I'm at least going to bring over some dinner.

Meanwhile I have been knitting. I've finished off the malabrigo sock and am working on finishing off the last pair of charity socks. No pics yet, but hopefully in the next couple of days I'll have picture updates on everything. Sharing the computer with kids means my time on line is very limited and sporatic.

Speaking of kids, do you know that I've already gotten the new schedule for ballet and also the supply list for school? I was even in Wally World a couple of days ago and they already have the supplies in stock. It seems early but school starts in 5 weeks which isn't that long from now. I want to see what I have left over from last year before I hit the stores. Clothes I'm putting off until the beginning of Aug.

I did take a pic of yesterday's sky. Off to the east was this.

and to the west was this.

We've had a lot of rain on and off this past week and it was hard to tell what the day would bring. We ended up with sun for most of the day.

Well I think this is one of the lamest posts I've done in awhile so I'm ending here. I'm going back to my knitting and letting #1 Son have the computer back. It's hard to be creative when he's checking in on me every 15 min to see if I'm done yet!

Meanwhile Princess says

Hmmmm, weather and kid info. This post is better than Sleepy time Catnip.....


KSee said…
All our advertisments are all about back to school. I thought it early myself.
Anonymous said…
Hey, nothing wrong with a fairly quiet week on the homefront. Be thankful, it could always be worse...........LOL You got some knitting done, and that is always good. :)

I hope your friend recovers soon.

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