Making a Plan

I started a blanket for my sil's new baby last week, but since I'm following an idea instead of a full fledged pattern, I've had to figure out a few things myself. How big do I want it? How many stitches do I need to cast on to make it the size I want? Do I have the correct amt of stitches to accommodate the pattern I'm using?

Since I've cast on almost 200 stitches for this thing, a row takes some time. I've been itching to work on other things, but I really want to be sure that I get this done in time. So I figured out how many rows I need to do per day to be done by Oct. It came to five a day. The pattern repeat is 8 rows so if I can work a pattern a day, I should be done in time. Let's hope so since I still have another sock to cast on for me and also some socks to make for the new baby as well.

Since I finished the 6 for 6 challenge, I've been organizing my charity wool. It didn't take me long since I've been using it up. This is what I had last year.

And this is what I have this year.

A lot less! The last time I bought wool for charity was last June when JoAnn's was having a clearance on their Lion Wool. It was only $.97/skein so I loaded up! I still have a bit left for any charity projects I want to work on, but I will start keeping my eye out for those clearance sales again.

No sky pictures were taken on Saturday, so here is my Sunday sky.

It was very hazy and glarey out, typical summer afternoon. And then it rained for a bit. Again, a typical summer afternoon.

Have a great week!


SusieH said…
Wild applause to you for getting thru so much of the charity stash!!
Sandie Knapp said…
Even with all you already knitted for charity, I am surprised you still have such a good supply of wool left. But that's good. It is that much less you need purchase for this year's projects. Right? :)
Brigitte said…
I'm making a blanket for my sister right now - yay for Patons Classic Wool! And 6mm needles! Although it still seems to take FOREVER...
stitcherw said…
Good luck with the blanket, that's quite a good size project. Sounds like you have a plan though so you should be fine even with it being so large. You've made a great dent in your wool stash, and still have some lovely colors left to work with. I'll keep my fingers crossed you find some more lovely sales to rebuild your stash. :)

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