Ode to Sock Yarn

I have a lot of sock yarn. Not as much as a lot of folks, but a lot. Enough for probably 50 pr. Again, a lot for some, a drop in the bucket of stash for others. What's crazy is that I could buy more. There is always another type of wool or shading or colorway I want. Sock yarn is like candy. Or crack. You only need a little and it doesn't cost that much for a fix. You can drop $20 on some luscious Malabrigo or use a coupon at JoAnn's and get sock yarn with only a few Washingtons.

Now for those who are NOT sock knitters, you all probably think this is crazy. $20 for a pair of socks?!?!? Well I used to feel the same way. I would look thru catalogs and just shake my head at the prices.

When I first got into sock knitting, I used some acrylic yarn that I got at Michael's. It's all that I could find at a *decent* price (amazing how that definition changes over the years!)

I wanted to see if I enjoyed making socks and I didn't want to drop a lot of money on some yarn that I'd never use again. They ended up being a gift (which I'd be mortified to give now, must knit them another pair). But then I started checking out sock yarn at the LYS.

It's amazing how reasonable sock yarn becomes when it's on sale!

And so it starts.

Hmmmm, Sockotta and Regia.

Buying some off of eBay. Magic Stripes and Indi Dyers.

And my eye got more refined. I started getting some Cherry Tree Hill and Jawoll.

Lorna's Laces and Wildefoote.

Colinette and Koigu.

And this past January I bought some Malabrigo.

But I still buy from the Big Box as well.

I'm an equal opportunity, non partisan, non discriminating fiber sock lover.

What prompted this post? I used to have more sock yarn, but I thinned it out last year. Now the yarn I have left I really want to knit up. However I am a SLOW knitter. Add to the fact that I also knit things other than socks, well it's going to take me a LONG time to knit up what I have. And that's if I don't add to my current collection (which, as fellow fiber lovers know, AIN'T gonna happen!).

So instead I keep looking at my stash while plugging away on a sock that just doesn't seem to want to end. It's the Malabrigo so maybe it's just my way of getting more bang for my buck.

Meanwhile, I'm in a Sockknitters group on Yahoo and there has been a thread abt value yarn. While some would love to buy the Colinettes and Paca Peds,

their budgets are so tight they can only afford the Kroys and the Heart & Soles

(preferably with a coupon). However the big box stores don't always carry them. And if they do, they don't always carry the entire line or even restock what they've sold. In my mind, I would LOVE to have a shop that would stock only sock yarns, a possibility since I can think of a couple on line sites and at least one IRL shop that does this. But they only carry the high end stuff. I would love to carry it all. All colorways of Kroy. Every single skein of Malabrigo. And everything in between. Plus a vintage area of sock yarns that have been discontinued (think of some Trekkings and Opals that would be lovely to see again).

Wouldn't that be a great place to visit?

Maybe one day when money isn't an issue. It could be my own little piece of Paradise.


Anonymous said…
It would be a lovely place to visit, and it sounds like you have sort of begun your own shop anyway, just by reading about what you have in your stash! haha :)
Brigitte said…
I'm just as bad with sock yarn, although I don't think I have quite as much! I always justified buying sock yarn as a "inexpensive" way of testing colourways and different fibre combinations!
Anonymous said…
I don't have a problem with sock yarn...really...I don't. I have some -- okay, more than some. But, it's not a problem. LOL

Hi, I'm Dee and I'm a sock-yarnaholic.

I think that top Koigu is the one I'm knitting now.
stitcherw said…
Fun entry, lovely yarn. One of these days I'll actually finish my second sock so I can have a pair.
KSee said…
I too have a big stash of sock yarn. Yet I keep getting more. I joined a sock yarn club here in DC where I get a new yarn and pattern every two months. I have not touched any of it yet. I'm still abducted by my latest project!

When I first started back to knitting I picked up some Lion Brand for my first pair of socks. Took a class in a yarn shop and found out what is out there. Then found the internet, KnickPicks my fav. Three years later I have aquired some great yarn. Now if I just had more time and engery.
Enjoy your Saturday.

Oh, I love those three shows, thank goodness cable has great summer shows. Other the L&O & CSI, oh, NCIS, better stop now. I have DVR cable box so I record and now never watch in real time. Zip thru those commercials.

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